You can be part of shaping Western Australia’s water future for generations to come. At Water Corporation there's an exciting future of growth and change ahead. Kickstart your career through one our entry level programs to make a meaningful contribution to our state.

You'll discover hands-on experience teamed with challenging projects. Reach your full potential through access to structured training and development, a wealth of industry knowledge, exciting roles and rewarding opportunities.

It's in everyone's best interests to support the next generation of water advocates as we try to secure our future water supply. 

What can you expect?

  • Impact - contribute from day one by working on real projects that impact communities and our customers, within all of Western Australia.
  • Develop - your technical and soft skills. this will help with the transition to full-time work from university and ensure you excel in your immediate and future roles.
  • Network - build networks and friendships through access to leaders, project leads and program sponsors, enhancing your personal and business profile.