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Returning to work after a career break can be daunting and challenging. It’s why we've developed our supportive Return to Work Program to welcome professionals back into the workforce. Our program offers great flexible work arrangements to give you the freedom and time to create balance in your life.

An opportunity for balance

Whether you're returning to work after caring for children, family or your wellbeing, we understand that workplace flexibility is essential to balance your personal situation and make time for what is important.

Why you'll thrive in our program

Our Return to Work Program will help you thrive from day one. Your confidence will grow as you receive:

  • coaching, training and development opportunities to ease you back into the workplace
  • mental health and wellbeing support. We know that the challenges about returning to work aren’t just about ‘the work’. You'll have access to our network of Mental Health Champions who provide on-the-ground support for your mental and emotional wellbeing
  • expert and individualised coaching and access to extensive resources from our partners at FlexCareers
  • a range of flexible and work adjustment options to help you pursue a career, manage your personal life, and still feel valued for your contributions.

One thing is for sure, you are not alone when you reignite your career at Water Corporation.

Hear what our people have to say about the program

Image of employees as part of the Return to Work Program

“From having the most supportive manager to having a group of very welcoming people around, my transition back to the workplace was much easier than I thought. Shannon has personally looked out for my mental wellbeing in addition to ensuring that I settle into my job with ease and comfort. All of this has allowed me to show up at work every day, ready to learn and add value to my role in a more empowered and confident way.”  Fizza Rizvi, Business Unit Coordinator, Operations Performance, Operations Group

“I’m an engineer who’d worked for the same consultant for the last 17 years. I’d taken quite a few career breaks while having my five children. Seeing the Return to Work Program advertised was the first time I’d seen an engineering-related job open to part-time work. I’m now a project manager in the Regional Water Conveyance Team and have received so much guidance and support from my colleagues, right from my very first day. For those in similar positions who might lack confidence when returning from extended career breaks, my advice is just to give it time. It doesn’t take long for your confidence to return.” Cara Adams, Project Manager Assets Delivery, Project Management, APDG

“Having an understanding manager and team members who also have young children has made me feel understood and that I am not the only parent managing the juggle. I have had the ability to work from home on an as required basis, this has been useful in supporting family needs as they arise. Many other team members also work from home regularly and the team uses the Webex system to keep in touch." – Katie Bacon, Business Services Officer, Project Management, APDG

How to apply

Our Return to Work Program will be returning in 2024. Applications for this program will be announce on this page and on LinkedIn. In the meantime, we recommend you to explore our current opportunities.