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By listening and learning, we are on a journey to challenge assumptions and raise the bar for gender equity. We’re focusing on gender equity so that all employees feel accepted, included, empowered and fairly treated at work.

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Support & celebrate

We believe in equal opportunity and advancement in employment for everyone, regardless of gender. To create gender balance, we loudly and proudly support and celebrate women, men, transgender and gender-diverse people in our workplace by providing:

  • more career opportunities for women in senior leadership roles
  • encouraging women to explore a variety of career paths, particularly in fields traditionally dominated by men, such as trades and STEM
  • unconscious bias awareness training for all employees
  • peer mentorship and leadership training opportunities
  • an environment where all people feel safe.

Image of  Jane Mitchell, General Manager of Information Technology Group

Hear from Jane Mitchell, General Manager of Information Technology Group (ITG), our female trailblazer in IT, having clocked more than 25 years in the industry. She shares her journey to success as a female leader in the tech space.

Partnerships & programs

We are proud to have partnered with FlexCareers and be endorsed by Work180 to continue to remove barriers to equal employment and career progression. In addition, we’re happy to be members of CEOs for Gender Equity.

Our gender equity initiatives and programs include:

  • an active, executive-sponsored, cross-organisational Gender Balance for Better working group to advocate and build greater inclusion
  • the creation of the Workplace Sexual Harassment and Family Domestic Violence Committee
  • leadership programs such as LEDA, Women Rising and the Women in Leadership Summit
  • ‘Women in Tech and Allies’ program
  • gender equity training for leaders, facilitated by the CEO of Diversity Council of Australia
  • ongoing membership with CEOs for Gender Equity
  • menstrual and menopausal education
  • financial literacy education
  • partnering with Curtin University’s ‘Girls+ Engineering Tomorrow’ program
  • healthy Masculinities and men’s mental health presentations
  • contributing to the Culturally and Racially Marginalised (CARM) Women research in partnership with Diversity Council of Australia.

White ribbon accredited

We are an accredited White Ribbon workplace. By nurturing a culture of respect, safety and equality we are creating an environment where women feel safe at work and men feel empowered to speak up if something doesn’t seem right. In addition, we also offer our employees 10 days of paid leave per year to anyone affected by family or domestic violence.

It’s all part of our commitment to ensure our people are supported to maintain their financial security, well-being and safety in the workplace.