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Ignoring a trickling toilet for the rest of the year could end up wasting you 9,000 litres of water, which is the equivalent of 155 bath tubs of water.

So, consider this your mid-year reminder to pull out your life admin list and tick off “check for leaks”. Each year the equivalent of around 700 million buckets of water is lost through residential leaks in Perth alone!

To check for this type of leak, simply place a sheet of toilet paper under the rim in the back of the bowl (do this half an hour after the last flush when the bowl should be dry). If the paper soaks up water, it’s all cisterns go – call in a Waterwise Plumber to fix your leak.

Some leaks are much sneakier and can be hidden underground or within walls, which is why we recommend using our handy online leak detection tool.

Start checking for leaks

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