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We all need to work together during the total solar eclipse 

The Ningaloo region, where the outback meets the reef is set to experience a rare astronomical event coming April 20. 

Local tourism in Exmouth is booming thanks to the upcoming total solar eclipse. Astronomy fans from across the globe will flock to the tourist town to experience the 62 second rare spectacle.

We’re doing our part to prepare for the influx of visitors, but we’re also counting on you to do your bit.  

Here’s how we’ve prepared

Some initiatives we’ve taken to collectively save water:  

  • A 6 million litre temporary tank is now installed. This will supply non-potable water to a new 1000-site campground.
  • We're increasing the water supply capacity by three hundred thousand litres per day. This will help meet times of peak demand during the eclipse and for the future.
  • To support increased pressure on our wastewater system, we have refurbished irrigation ponds to help manage extra flows during the event.
  • We’ll have extra crew on hand to help maintain water and wastewater services during the event.

Image of the mouth of Yardie Creek in Ningaloo National Park near Exmouth

Yardie Creek, Ningaloo National Park near Exmouth

Here’s how you can help

Travelling to watch the total solar eclipse? 

Water is a valuable resource in Exmouth, Onslow and surrounding towns. Water tanks for caravans and campervans must be filled with 'potable' water before arriving in Exmouth. Please ensure you have enough water to last you for the length of your stay.

Spots to fill up on the way 

Please refer to the essential services map for more information about these fill up spots.

When you arrive in Exmouth

  • There are four water bottle refill stations located around town. You can find these at Welch Street, Federation Park and Town Beach. 
  • If you are staying in Exmouth for an extended period of time, you may need to refill your supply. In this case, you can fill up at the Murat Street refill station. During this peak period, please be mindful and only fill up what you need. We all need to work together to make sure there is enough water for everyone during and after the event. 
  • For faults, leaks or emergencies, please call 13 13 75 (24 hours). 

More tips on how to save water while on holiday: 

  • Keep showers short and sweet to four minutes.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or washing your dishes.

Please visit Tourism Western Australia's official website of the Total Solar Eclipse to find out more event information.

Do you live in Exmouth?

The total solar eclipse will bring more visitors than Exmouth has ever seen before. We’ve been preparing our infrastructure for this, and have plans in place in case water use is very high.

In the event of high water use, you may notice a reduction in water pressure.

Don’t be concerned if you experience a drop in water pressure, we’ll be conserving water to make sure there is plenty for everyone during and after the event. Please be assured the water is still safe to use as you normally would. 

Water when it matters – reduce your irrigation 

Around 60% of Exmouth’s household water is used outside the home. That’s why we’re asking you to reduce your irrigation in the lead up to and during the total solar eclipse.

Here's some tips how:

  • Try reducing your irrigation by one day a week. This can save approximately 6 million litres of water over a fortnight! If you have a waterwise garden, you may be able to reduce this further. 
  • If your irrigation controller has a season adjustment function, please set your controller to 50%.

More ways you can help us:

  • Keep showers short and sweet to four minutes.
  • Fix those leaks and report any you may see around town to 13 13 75.
  • Avoid washing down cars and boats during this time.
  • Sign up for our regional Waterwise offers