It takes a lot of manpower to pull off a project like the Denmark pipeline. And finding the right people for the job is no easy feat.

Around 50 locals in the Great Southern have been employed to work on the project to date, and one man who’s helped secure the work is Stuart Roberts from Impact Services.

Impact Services is an employment and training provider for Aboriginal people. Based in Albany, Stuart delivers employment and contract services throughout WA, connecting job seekers with opportunities in their communities, like the Denmark pipeline project.

“We are able to balance between what is happening in the region, what type of skills will be required for upcoming work, and then refine the training to match it,” says Stuart.

Around 250 people have secured work or tailored training through Impact Services and its networks since the business first opened its doors in 2018. In the Great Southern, they have engaged directly with over 30 Aboriginal employees to date for various services and contracts and mentored a further 30 within their respective workplace.

Stuart’s passion is infectious, and it all comes from being a man of faith with strong family and cultural values.

“It’s the first such service in the region and with our main office in Albany, it means a better focus on decisions that benefit the local community. We’re thrilled to be doing our bit in helping to deliver this important piece of infrastructure to the region.”

Three Albany locals Stuart has helped to secure short and long term work prospects are Tom Palfrey, Victor Woods and Andrew Swzecow.

Pipeline paving the way for Tom's future

Tom recently moved back to Albany from Perth simply for the lifestyle and pace of country life. His priority was to find work, so he registered with Impact Services.

Through Stuart, Tom found employment in no time at all, employed as a labourer working on the Denmark pipeline.

A passionate football player, Tom decided to forgo his season playing with the Railways to focus on the job opportunity he now has.

“The work is an 11-day roster, so I decided to put the work first. This work is giving me the ability to save financially and invest in my longer term work plans, which is to move on to bigger and better things,” says Tom.

Tom Palfrey and Stuart Roberts from Impact Services
Left to right: Tom Palfrey and Stuart Roberts from Impact Services

A clean sweep of full-time work for Victor

The opportunity to snap up full-time work in Denmark to support the crew working on the pipeline project is exactly what Victor was after.

Victor grew up in Tambellup before moving to Albany in his late teens. He’s a very passionate family man who lives with – and cares for his mother and is a very well respected elder in the community. Although he has no children of his own, he is uncle to many nieces and nephews!

Victor is part of a dynamic duo who cleans the office spaces and accommodation for the Georgiou team.

“I take great pride in my work and make sure everything is done to keep the premises clean and tidy. I have a great time at work and enjoy a good laugh with the people I meet. They’re really easy to work for, and I thoroughly enjoy what I do.”

The job has allowed Victor to increase his hours to a full-time capacity for the duration of the project, and he’s very grateful for this.

“It’s great to be working full-time again. I was absolutely thrilled to secure this work through Impact Services.”

Victor Woods and Stuart Roberts from Impact Services
Left to right: Victor Woods with Stuart Roberts

When one opportunity leads to another

Andrew Swzecow has lived in Albany all his life with his two sons. He’s well known in the local community and is passionate about the environment.

Much like Tom and Victor, he jumped at the chance to work on the Denmark pipeline project due to the recent downturn in regional and seasonal job prospects.

Andrew started very early on in the project and his supervisor has had nothing but praise for him. He has excellent work ethics and fits right into the team. Although he’s working full time, Andrew has already received other work offers after the pipeline is completed.

The pipeline project has created great job opportunities for locals like Andrew, Victor and Tom who have embraced new learnings while providing for their families.

The Denmark pipeline is expected to be completed in early 2021 and will secure the town’s long term water supply.