Precautionary advice (issued 23 August 2021) for recreational fishers to avoid Oyster Harbour, near Albany, has been lifted.

The advisory was recommended by the Department of Health after a wastewater main into Albany’s North Road Pump Station failed.

Extensive water sampling has been undertaken in Yakamia Creek and Oyster Harbour, and results show no elevated risk to public health.

Water Corporation thanks the community for their understanding and cooperation.



Recreational fishers are asked to avoid Oyster Harbour, Albany, until further notice after a wastewater overflow into Yakamia Creek.

Around 7pm on Sunday 22 August, a wastewater main feeding into North Road Wastewater Pump Station failed causing an overflow to the creek.

Diluted wastewater may make its way into Oyster Harbour over the next 24 hours and the Department of Health is asking recreational fishers to avoid the area.

Water Corporation crews are working to complete emergency repairs quickly; however, an estimated repair time is not yet known due to the complexity of the work. The cause is being investigated.

Wastewater overflows are treated as an operational priority and strict protocols are in place to manage any response. Water Corporation works closely with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, the Department of Health, and Local Government Authorities to minimise environmental and community impacts.

Wastewater is 99.97 per cent water and comes mostly from showers, baths, and washing machines.  

Further information and ongoing updates will be provided to those impacted. Water Corporation apologises for any inconvenience caused and thanks the community for their patience while emergency repairs are completed.

Water Corporation encourages the community to call 13 13 75 when they see a suspected water or wastewater leak.

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