Local contemporary Noongar artist Seantelle Walsh has transformed a Water Corporation electrical cabinet in Scarborough into a piece of aquatic art.


Reflecting the suburb’s coastal location, the artwork is the final piece of a project undertaken by Water Corporation and the City of Stirling to transform land around a pump station into a recreational community space.


Students from Scarborough Primary School helped design the marine life illustrations during an artistic workshop hosted by Ms Walsh, as part of Water Corporation’s Splash of Colour program.


Ms Walsh said the striking blue design signified the importance of the ocean and marine life to residents, past and present.


“Being so close to the coast, water has always played a big role in the lives of people in the Scarborough area,” Ms Walsh said.


“Aboriginal people used to migrate to the coast during the warmer seasons of Birak and Bunuru where they relied on the marine life as an important food source.


“The illustration pays homage to their way of life and provides a little bit of peace and tranquillity to those visiting the revitalised space.”


The first part of the project – establishing a community bush garden – was completed last August and co-funded by Water Corporation’s Drainage for Liveability program and City of Stirling’s Community Gardens program.


The Brighton Road Community Garden Committee co-designed the garden with the City of Stirling, who managed the construction of the new footpath, seating area and nature play space. The garden group planted and now maintain a selection of native trees and shrubs for both adults and children to enjoy.


Water Corporation General Manager Customer and Community Karen Willis said the project was a great example of local government and utilities working together to achieve a common goal.


“Our Drainage for Liveability and Splash of Colour programs seek to improve the amenity and accessibility of our water infrastructure to benefit the community,” Ms Willis said.


“Thanks to the City of Stirling’s collaboration with Water Corporation, and the tireless efforts of the community, we’ve been able to achieve a really unique, vibrant space for all to enjoy.”


City of Stirling Mayor Mark Irwin said the City was pleased to contribute $20,000 to the community-led project through the City of Stirling Community Gardens Program.


“The City is always happy to partner with other agencies and the community to deliver positive outcomes. This bush garden will deliver a range of benefits such as increased canopy cover, habitat for wildlife and provide a space for the community to enjoy.”


Information on the Splash of Colour and Drainage for Liveability programs can be found by visiting the Water Corporation website at www.watercorporation.com.au. Alternatively, you can track the progress on social media via #splashofcolourWA and #drainageforliveability.


Brighton Road Community Garden is located at 112 Brighton Road, between Scarborough Primary School and Brighton Road shops. Visit the garden’s Facebook page to find out how to get involved in planting, watering, and other projects at the garden.


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