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DWER Director General Michelle Andrews, Bindjareb Elders Franklyn Nannup and George Walley, Water Minister Dave Kelly, Danjoo Koorliny Co-Director Richard Walley, and Water Corporation CEO Pat Donovan, with Kep Katitjin - Gabi Kaadadjan Waterwise Perth Action Plan 2. 

  • New waterwise plan outlines the next steps towards building a more water efficient Perth-Peel region
  • Plan to help tackle impacts of climate change on precious water resources
  • New plan will save over 70GL of water every year by 2029
  • Focus on whole-of-government approach and Aboriginal engagement in future water resource management

To mark the start of National Water Week, Water Minister Dave Kelly today launched Kep Katitjin - Gabi Kaadadjan, the second Waterwise Perth Action Plan for Perth and Peel which builds on the successful first plan released in 2019.

Kep Katitjin and Gabi Kaadadjan are the Whadjuk and Bindjareb Noongar terms for 'water knowledge'.

The new, two-year plan further supports the McGowan Government's ongoing commitment to tackling the impacts of climate change on our precious water resources, through water saving initiatives and the creation of climate-resilient, liveable urban spaces.

The 41 actions set out in the new plan provide a framework to help to conserve our precious water resources, as well as support biodiversity and urban greening and cooling - building on the success of the first Waterwise Perth Action Plan.

The new plan includes reductions to groundwater use in the Perth-Peel region which will save 70GL of precious groundwater per year by 2029.

Underpinned by a whole-of-government approach, the new plan will be implemented through the collaboration of 11 State Government agencies, and partnerships with local governments across the Perth-Peel region, to deliver waterwise outcomes and build climate-resilience in our communities.

The plan includes actions to achieve the following by 2030:

  • 10,000 State Government-owned social housing properties State-wide retrofitted with water-efficient fixtures;
  • 10 per cent less groundwater used across the Perth-Peel region;
  • 100 per cent of government-led urban development projects in Perth and Peel to be waterwise;
  • 100 restoration projects to improve water quality and health of Swan/Canning Riverpark tributaries and catchment; and
  • Over 40 per cent increase in the use of recycled water.

Increased engagement with the Noongar people, Whadjuk and Bindjareb Traditional Owners, will also be a priority for this new plan.

The Whadjuk and Bindjareb Noongar people are the Traditional Owners of Boorloo (Perth) and Bindjareb (Peel), and have been the custodians of the environment and water resources for tens of thousands of years. The management of our precious water with shared knowledge and wisdom is at the heart of this plan. 

Comments attributed to Water Minister Dave Kelly:

"In the South-West of Western Australia, we are experiencing the impacts of climate change earlier and more profoundly than almost anywhere else in the world. Not only have we seen a decline of 15 per cent of our annual rainfall since 1975, but we are experiencing more frequent hotter days.

"There's also been a decline of around 80 per cent in the amount of rainfall runoff into Perth's dams since the 1970s, which also means less rainfall recharge to our groundwater aquifers.

"Due to these climate change impacts, it is essential that we take action to protect our precious water resources and ensure we manage them in a sustainable way.

"This is the second action plan in the 10-year journey towards leading waterwise communities in Perth (Boorloo) and Peel (Bindjareb) and builds on the excellent foundation established through the first Waterwise Perth Action Plan released in 2019.

"The 41 actions, involving 11 different government agencies, in this plan will support greater engagement with Traditional Owners on water source management and outline practical water saving measures to promote water efficiency and urban greening in our Perth and Peel communities."  

Minister's office - 6552 6100

Water Corporation staff Anita Dullabh, Jeremy Maher, CEO Pat Donovan, Antonietta Torre, Jason Mackay, Georgina Hurst, and Adele Gismondi