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East Cannington Park reopened to the community

Residents were welcomed back to East Cannington Reserve over the weekend with Water Corporation and City of Canning holding a community event to mark completion of a project to enhance flood protection in the area.

The reserve has been transformed into a flourishing community space that can be used year-round, with improved stormwater drainage capacity also supporting future residential growth. 

Water Corporation General Manager Evan Hambleton said the project was essential to protect against flooding during high-rainfall events.

“With the ongoing impacts of climate change, we’re likely to see more intense, high-rainfall storms,” Mr Hambleton said.

“To increase stormwater storage capacity, the reserve was lowered to create a drainage basin that will hold excess water during these weather events and relieve pressure on the local stormwater system.”

Mr Hambleton explained the project also presented an opportunity to boost the liveability and public amenity of the reserve.

“As part of Water Corporation’s Drainage for Liveability Program, the community in East Cannington will also reap the benefits of a greener, valued communal space,” he said.

“The drainage basin provides a damp land habitat with an array of native plants which serves as flood prevention while also attracting native wildlife.

“Along with the habitat, there are improved playing surfaces and two new limestone sitting areas for spectators and visitors to enjoy year-round.”

The reserve is located between Station Street and Crawford Street in East Cannington.

More information about Water Corporation’s Drainage for Liveability Program can be found here.