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Water Corporation supports school tank art project
Water Corporation's Carlos Castellanos and Veronique Thomas with Cervantes Primary School principal Natalie Dennis and students.

Cervantes Primary School’s old water tank received a new lease of life thanks to a collaboration between Water Corporation, a local artist and the school community.

The tank, used to irrigate the school oval, is now a backdrop for a giant mural featuring the Pinnacles, local marine and bird life, and people’s connections to the water, all glimpsed through giant portholes.

Jurien Bay artist Kiera of Sea Spray Art said her vision was to highlight the connection between the area’s economic opportunities and unique environment.

“My vision was to create a visually impactful artwork which showcased the potential employment opportunities which are presented locally, in tourism, agriculture, aquaculture, marine and environmental conservation, just to name a few,” Kiera said. 

“The students’ images were used as reference. They also helped in deciding the design that would be used for each ‘window of opportunity’.” 

Cervantes Primary School Principal Natalie Dennis said parents, students and volunteers contributed their time to clean and prepare the surface of the old tank to ensure the canvas was at its best.

“We had to work in between the weather gods sending rain and strong southerlies, but we got it done with a splash of school spirit,” Ms Dennis said.

“Water Corporation also delivered water literacy and conservation sessions to our students to compliment the mural. The kids learnt a lot from the whole experience, and we are truly grateful for the Water Corporation’s support and contribution.”

Water Corporation Mid West Manager Steve Greeve said the mural was a way to give back to the community as part of a larger project to replace one of the 220kL elevated water tanks supplying water to the town.

The works also included the construction of a steel base to support approximately 244 tonnes when the tank is full.

“This work was critical to the long-term reliability of water supply in town. We wanted to celebrate the level of this investment by also encouraging our communities to use water wisely,” Mr Greeve said.  

“The mural is a good reminder that water is crucial for all life to grow and thrive.”

Peeking at the Pinnacles
Students at the Pinnacles window of opportunity