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We are required to meet customer service standards as part of our Operating Licence. Here, you'll find a summary of our key commitments to you and your responsibilities as our customer.

These commitments include providing a link to the latest version of the Water Services Code of Conduct (Customer Service Standards) 2024.

We are also looking to improve your customer experience when dealing with us and expand the ways we monitor customer satisfaction. Here you will find a summary of our commitments to you, and also how you can help us.

Take part

Our Customer Reference Group and research conducted through focus groups and surveys provide regular opportunities for our customers to have their say. The information you provide will help us continue to build upon our service commitments and focus on what is most important to you.

Service commitments

Our service commitment

We strive to ensure our business is accessible and inclusive to all members of the community.

  • We will provide free access to a Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) for customers with English as a second language. Contact us on 13 13 85 if you need this service.
  • We will provide access for customers with hearing or speech impairment. Contact the National Relay Service on 13 36 77 for enquiries or to report a problem with your water service. Please advise the service that the contact number is 13 13 85 for Account Enquiries or 13 13 75 (24 Hours) for Faults, Emergencies and Security.
  • We provide information in alternative formats on request. If you require an alternative format, contact us on 13 13 85.

Customer responsibilities

We take a proactive approach to make sure we meet the needs of all our customers. We understand that you may face access and inclusion barriers if you have a disability, so please:

  • let us know of any difficulties you may have accessing our information, facilities and services and contact us on 13 13 85
  • assist us by providing feedback when invited to comment on access and inclusion.

Read about our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

Our service commitment

Once the Conditions of Connection (including fees and charges) are satisfied, we will install or activate the water service within 10 business days or on an agreed day.

Find out about Service by agreement.

Customer responsibilities

Some water-using appliances may not always work efficiently. When buying appliance, such as a dishwasher, check with your retailer that it’s suitable for the water quality in your area.

You should ensure all internal plumbing is maintained in compliance with plumbing standards.

If you have any concerns regarding water quality or you notice a change in your water flow or pressure, contact us on 13 13 75.

Our service commitment

We will:

  • supply you with drinking water that is safe for you and your family
  • monitor and assess the quality of drinking water supplied
  • make water quality sample results available on our website.

Contact us on 13 13 75 (24 Hours) if you have any concerns or enquiries regarding water quality.

Read about our drinking water quality

Our service commitment

The water pressure and flow we supply to your property is measured at the outlet of your meter.

We aim to:

  • provide you with water at a flow rate of at least 20 litres per minute
  • provide you with water within a standard pressure range (other than areas exempt in our Operating Licence).

Perth metropolitan areas should be within a minimum of 15 to a maximum of 100 metres of static pressure. Country urban areas should be within a minimum 13 to a maximum of 100 metres of static pressure.

Find out more about non-standard water pressure.

Our service commitment

We may interrupt the supply of water to your property for maintenance and repair but will not cut off the supply of water to an occupied property without the agreement of an occupier.

We will:

  • maintain the water service up to and including the property meter outlet tail
  • maintain the wastewater service up to the property connection.

Customer responsibilities

Under the Water Services Act 2012 and Regulations it is unlawful to deliberately damage our infrastructure including pipes, meters and fittings.

  • Advise us if damage occurs to any of our assets or services on your property by contacting us on 13 13 75 (24 Hours).
  • Report suspected criminal activity relating to our assets or services to the police.
  • If you’re planning to build a new home or renovate, we must approve building plans. For work that does not require plans, contact us on 13 13 95 for the location of our service pipes.
  • If you’re planning to demolish, we need to be notified to ensure protection of our assets.
  • Overflow relief gullies are located on the external property plumbing and prevent internal flooding in the event of a blockage, and should be free of obstruction.
  • Maintain safe access to the property inspection shaft located where the internal plumbing connects to our sewer.
  • Keep access chambers on your property free of obstruction and safe to access.
  • Maintain all internal plumbing in compliance with plumbing standards.
  • Avoid planting trees near your wastewater pipes as they can cause root intrusion, breakage and blockages. For more information, view our Waterwise Garden Advice page or contact us on 13 13 95.

Maintenance of your internal services

As the property owner, you are responsible for the pipes from the property water meter and wastewater connection point to your residence.

If you experience a leak in your internal plumbing or irrigation system, contact a licensed plumber or garden irrigator to locate and repair the leak.

Search for Waterwise services in your area

Access to your meter

One of our employees or contractors is entitled to enter your property to read, service or replace your water meter.

Under the Water Services Act 2012 and Regulations you are legally required to keep your meter clear and safe to access.

Visit our Access to your meter page for more information.

Our service commitment

We make every effort to minimise interruption to your water supply but sometimes we need to carry out planned maintenance.

We aim to minimise impact to your water supply and property from flooding due to bursts in our water mains or wastewater overflows resulting from our maintenance.

Our service commitment

We aim provide a drainage system that will minimise the effects of flooding on your property as a result of stormwater or groundwater by working with others, including:

  • the Department of Water, in accordance with its drainage plans
  • local governments by operating an integrated drainage system
  • land planning agencies to ensure drainage management is addressed prior to land being released for use.

Customer responsibilities

There are simple ways you can help improve the quality of our drainage system, such as:

  • keeping litter, motor oil, car cleaning products and pool chemicals out of our drains
  • using less fertiliser or low-phosphorous fertiliser on gardens and lawns
  • collecting leaves and clippings for compost to prevent stormwater drain blockages.

Find out more about drain safety.

We aim to minimise odour from our wastewater treatments plants so it doesn’t impact homes and businesses near our facilities. However, we do occasionally get odours from our system.

We take all complaints about odours seriously and will act promptly to fix the problem. Contact us on 13 13 75 (24 hours) to make a complaint.

Our service commitment

Our employees or contractors may need to enter your property for inspections, maintenance and repair on our system. This will be done during business hours except in an emergency.

We will:

  • provide at least 48 hours' notice of all planned work that may require entry to your property (except meter reading)
  • let you know in writing
  • leave an information card during an emergency when you are not present.

Should we need to enter your property, our employees or contractors will carry identification that will be shown to you (or to any person present at the time of access) if necessary.

Our service commitment

We take great care to leave your property, gardens and lawns as they were after we finish any services or maintenance work.

We will:

  • assist in the reinstatement or replacement of property or equipment lost or damaged as a result of our actions or failure of our systems
  • negotiate an appropriate settlement on a case-by-case basis if the property or equipment is irretrievably damaged and replacement is not possible.


This may not apply:

  • where the work carried out is the result of the property owner or another party causing an obstruction or damage to our services
  • if reinstatement means Occupational Health and Safety requirements will be breached.

Visit our reinstating work areas section for more information.

Billing and payments

Our service commitment

We will issue accounts or notifications of accounts to the owner of the property or their nominated agent at the last notified postal or email address. This will happen every two months to properties where water, wastewater and drainage services are available. Some properties may be billed more frequently.

As a service to property owners, we will issue accounts to either the property agent or tenant at the owner’s request. If an account sent to anyone other than the owner is unpaid after the due date, recovery action will be taken against the owner. To update your account details or add a tenant, complete our Update personal details form or contact us on 13 13 85.

We will read your meter on request and issue a bill to determine outstanding charges for a period not the same as the usual billing cycle (charges apply).

Customer responsibilities

Let us know of any change in circumstance, such as a new postal or email address and change in ownership or land use.

We understand it can sometimes be difficult to pay bills on time. We have flexible financial assistance options that can be tailored to meet your needs. Late payments may result in interest being charged on the overdue amount, so if you are having trouble paying by the due date, you can request an extension online or by calling 1300 659 752.

Liability for charges

  • As the property owner, you are responsible for all service and water use charges. Any arrangement between an owner and tenant regarding the payment of charges is a private matter between those parties.
  • If the property is sold, any outstanding charges should be deducted from the proceeds of the sale. If these charges are not cleared, the debt will transfer to the new owner.

Pensioner and senior concessions

If you receive a rebate or concession, you should:

  • notify us of any change in circumstances that may impact your eligibility
  • pay your account by the due date to retain the service charges rebate.

Non-payment will result in the rebate being reversed and the full amount being placed into deferral if you are eligible to defer.

Apply online for pensioner and concession discounts or contact us on 1300 659 951.

Find out more about billing and charges.

We'll review your bill at your request in accordance with the Water Services Code of Conduct (Customer Service Standards) 2024. The review may relate to an element on your bill that directly impacts on your service and/or water consumption charges.

We will inform you of the outcome of a review of your bill, as soon as practicable, or otherwise before the end of the period of 20 business days, starting on the day we received your request to review your bill.

If we don’t complete a review before the end of the period of 20 business days, we will notify you of the status of the review, as soon as practicable after the end of that period. After conducting a review of a bill, if we're satisfied the bill is incorrect, we will adjust the account.

Our Review Bill Procedure explains our position if we discover you have been overcharged or undercharged. We will advise you of the outcome, and follow the procedure in accordance with the Water Services Code of Conduct (Customer Service Standards) 2024.

Download Procedure

Review of water use charges

Water use charges are based on a meter reading or an estimate of the quantity of water used.

After conducting a review of a bill, if we're satisfied the bill is correct, we may request payment of any unpaid amount. However, if you are dissatisfied with the outcome and want to dispute it, you will be given the option to have your meter tested (at your cost) in which case:

  • We can send you an application form to complete and return.
  • We will organise for an independent meter test to be completed.

If you request a meter test, we'll complete it within 10 business days of receiving your request and the fee payment, or at an agreed day and time. The fee for a meter test is $125.93 for 20mm and 25mm meters. For larger meters, we'll provide you with a quote.
If the meter test results aren't within a 5% (fast or slow) accuracy tolerance, we'll adjust the water use charges and reimburse the meter test fee.

Estimated water use

We respect your right to lock entrance gates to your property. However, safe access to your meter for reading and servicing is a legislated requirement. If we do not have access to your meter, we may bill you on an estimate of your water use.

If the water use is based on an estimate, we will notify you on request of:

  • the reason for the estimate
  • the basis of the estimate.

If you receive an estimated account due to non-access to the meter and you believe the estimate is not in line with normal use, you may provide an actual reading by completing our ‘Submit a meter reading’ form

Please note: It is your responsibility to keep your meter clear and accessible. If your meter continues to be obstructed, we will send you a formal compliance notice to remove the obstruction. Learn more about our meter access requirements.

If your meter is damaged or out of order, you won’t be able to take a reading. In this case, if you suspect the estimate is incorrect, please let us know by completing our ‘Report A Fault’ form.

If you wish to dispute the estimated read on an operable and accessible meter, you can contact us to request a meter reading. Meter reading charges will apply.

Visit Estimated meter reads for more information.

Review of service charges

Service charges are different from the water use charges. Your service charges are an annual charge spread over the year. Service charges can be made up of water, sewerage and drainage, depending on the services available to your property.

A request for a review of your bill may relate to:

  • change in the basis of rating e.g., change in classification
  • premature rating e.g., we may have rated your new dwelling too early
  • a change in the rateable value
  • the number of major fixtures applied to your business property
  • the discharge factor % applied to your business property for the billing of sewer volume charges. This charge is based on water used and returned as wastewater to the sewer
  • applying for a State Government Discount.

For a residential property:

  • Water is a fixed charge.
  • Sewer charges are based on the rateable value of your property, which is the Gross Rental Value (GRV). An objection may be lodged against the GRV within 60 days of the issue date shown on your bill. For more information, visit the Landgate website or call Landgate Customer Service on (08) 9273 7373. Your charges must still be paid by the due date.
  • Drainage charges apply if your property falls in a declared drainage area. These charges are also based on your rateable value.

For a business property:

  • Water charges are based on the size of your water meter.
  • Sewer charges are based on number of major fixtures (toilets and urinals) connected or capable of being connected to the sewer.
  • Drainage charges apply if your property falls in a declared drainage area. These charges are also based on your rateable value.


Our service commitment

If overdue accounts remain unpaid, or you do not comply with a payment plan or other arrangement you have set up, including arrears, your water supply may be restricted.

We will:

  • attempt to inform you in person, over the phone or by electronic means of our intention to restrict your water supply
  • not restrict your water supply unless at least 30 days after the due date of the account
  • provide a flow sufficient for health and hygiene purposes.

If we offer you a payment plan, you will need to accept the payment arrangement within seven days of it being offered to you to ensure that your water supply is not restricted. Your water supply may be restricted if you don't comply with the payment plan. 

Restoration of water supply

We will restore the water supply following:

  • payment of amounts owed including the restoration fee
  • agreement to a suitable instalment plan to pay these amounts.

If the payment conditions are met before 3pm on a business day, we will restore the water service by the next business day (two business days outside the metropolitan area).

If the conditions are met at any other time, the water service will be restored within the next two business days (three business days outside the metropolitan area).

Visit financial assistance or contact us on 1300 659 752.

Our service commitment

We may offer a reduction in your water use charges if you have had undetectable leaks repaired by a licensed plumber.

A leak allowance will be considered only after you have your plumbing or irrigation repairs completed to the required industry standards with all leaks repaired.

In the case of irrigation repairs, a manual isolation valve and master solenoid are mandatory.

We will attempt to:

  • notify you if we suspect your internal service is leaking
  • assess any application for a leak allowance within 15 business days based on the evidence provided by the licensed plumber or waterwise garden irrigator.

Customer responsibilities

  • When organising repairs for a water supply leak, be sure to use a plumber licensed with the Plumbers Licensing Board. 
  • To apply for a special allowance, lodge a leak allowance application within 14 days of leak repairs being completed.

For eligibility information and criteria, visit our ‘How to apply for a leak allowance’ page or download our Leak Allowance Policy below.

Download Policy

Resolving complaints

Our service commitment

If you would like to lodge a complaint, we encourage you to contact us directly to enable a quick and effective resolution free of charge. Your complaint will be investigated objectively, equitably and in an unbiased manner.

Complaints will be handled in accordance with the Australian Standard on Complaints Handling in conjunction with the Water Services Code of Conduct (Customer Service Standards) 2024.

We will investigate and resolve all complaints within 20 business days of you contacting us. If you are not satisfied the outcome is fair and reasonable, you may contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman.

For more information, visit our 'Customer complaint resolution' page or download our Customer Complaint Resolution Procedure below.

Download Procedure

Property record related complaints

If your complaint is about a property record maintained by Water Corporation under Regulation 65 (2), that is used to determine a water service charge, we will always aim to resolve the matter with you. If we can't reach a resolution, you can request to have your complaint referred to the State Administrative Tribunal. Please advise us in writing within 42 days of receiving our response to your complaint. 

Please note, the Energy and Water Ombudsman do not investigate these types of matters.