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Whether you need information about your charges, managing your account or support paying your bill, we’re here to keep you informed and connect you to the right service.

Bill & charges

Get more familiar with your rates, charges and how your bill works.

Leak detection

Avoid unnecessary water and money wastage by keeping on top of leaks.

New businesses

Get organised and learn about the services available to support your business.

Your online account

Managing your account has never been easier – you can do it anytime.

Property managers

Here’s what you need to know about managing your properties.

Water savings

Reduce your water use and save money on your water and energy costs.

High water bills

Have you received a bill that is higher than normal? There are many factors that can influence the size of your water bill.

Check why my bill is high

Financial help for businesses

Whether you need extra support paying your bills or options to manage payments, we’re here to help.

Alternative payment options