We may allow the provision of a temporary connection to the scheme where it can be shown that the purpose of the connection is clearly for a short term, specific nature.

Temporary services can be provided for the following purposes:

  • Service for a construction camp
  • Fixed standpipe
  • Establishing vegetation in a new subdivision's entry statement
  • Median strip

Temporary services can only be provided where there is capacity in the scheme to support the additional demand.

Categories for a temporary connection

  1. A water service required for less than 2 years for the establishment of vegetation – e.g. a water service to a roundabout.
  2. A water and/or wastewater service required for less than 1 calendar month – e.g. a circus or a festival.
  3. A water and/or a wastewater service, required for less than 2 years – e.g. setting up a construction camp.
  4. A water service used for dust suppression, earth works or road works – this category is available in cases where the Department of Water cannot provide a groundwater or surface water allocation or there is no alternative connection available within 5km.

All assessed charges must be paid prior to connection. A financial security may be required as a condition of connection where a wastewater service is required for less than 2 years.

How to request a temporary connection

  1. Use BuilderNet to submit your application for a temporary service. If you are not a regular BuilderNet User, you can utilise our Guest Account option.
  2. Click on Lodge a Water Service application to submit your request for a temporary service.
  3. Your application will be assessed by us and we will email you an invoice for the relevant fees.
  4. When the invoice has been paid, a work order will be generated for the requested service.

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How much will it cost?

You will need to pay the following fees for your temporary water service:

  • Administrative fee
  • Annualised infrastructure contributions
  • By-law charges, including volumetric sewer charges
  • Connection and disconnection fees loss or damage to the water meter or water service (if applicable)

Administration fee $799.04 (inc GST)
Annualised water infrastructure contribution $88.90 per SRE per annum (exempt of GST)
Annualised wastewater infrastructure contribution $129.01 per SRE per annum (exempt of GST)

Note: Infrastructure contributions for temporary connections are calculated based upon the Single Residential Equivalent (SRE) associated to the required service size and flow rate for the duration of the service.

Please refer to our information on meter boxes should you consider that your temporary service requires additional protection.

Alternative sources

Where the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation is unable to provide a groundwater or surface water allocation, or there is not alternative connection available within 5 kilometres, you may need to consider alternative sources.

It is essential that project managers consider all alternatives to scheme water for activities such as dust control and road works very early in their planning at least 3 months before water is needed.

The applicant must demonstrate that all alternatives have been thoroughly investigated prior to requesting a water service from the water supply scheme.

'Fit for purpose' alternatives to scheme water must be investigated so that contractors are not delayed by the regulatory approvals required for ground water extraction or other sources.

The alternatives could include:

  • Water courses, shared bores or dams
  • Drilling of a bore – apply to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) and allow 3 months for your application to be assessed. To apply for a water allocation licence for the Perth Metropolitan area, you should contact the Department of Water's Swan / Avon Regional Office on (08) 6250 8000 or the Kwinana / Peel Regional Office on (08) 9550 4222 or your local DWER office.