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Find out how to request a water meter and about associated conditions, costs and installation requirements.

How to request a water meter

If you are applying for a water service for building purposes, you can include your water service request as part of submitting your building application.

For water services that are not required for building purposes, login to BuilderNet and select Lodge a Water Service Application. If you are not a regular BuilderNet user, you can use our Guest Account to log in. We will email you an invoice outlining the relevant fees. Once the fees have been paid, a work order for the water service will be generated.

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How much will it cost?

Refer to our fees and charges section for the service sizes and associated costs. For new water services and upgrades to existing water services, infrastructure contributions may also apply.

You can submit a request for a quote by either filling in our building fees estimate request form, or by lodging a 'Quote request' in BuilderNet.

How long will it take?

You need to allow up to 10 working days from the date we receive your payment for your meter to be installed.

Note: Water use charges will apply once the meter has been installed. For more information regarding water use charges see Residential water use charges explained.

If you require further information, complete our enquiry form.


Conditions and requirements

A standard Water Corporation connection is a 20mm metered service. We will install the meter 100–150mm above ground level. You must maintain a clear space of at least 300mm on each side and 1200mm above the meter. Please ensure there is sufficient room to accommodate the meter and its fittings adjacent to the water main and allow for meter reading and maintenance.

Water meters should not be installed more than 1.5m inside the front boundary line.

A meter box can be installed if all other alternatives for the protection of your meter have been considered.

Installing a 20mm water meter

The diagram below shows how a 20mm water meter and service line should be positioned in relation to the front boundary line and the finished ground level.

Diagram showing how to position a 20mm water meter and service line 

Installing water meters 40mm and above

For us to install services larger than 25mm in diameter, builders and developers need to ensure that sufficient area is provided within the site to accommodate the meter and it's fittings adjacent to the water main and allow for meter reading and maintenance.

Installing water meters 40mm and above 

To ensure that the meter will read accurately, above is a standard diagram of meter installation based on the Department of Water's Guideline for Meter installation 2009 (Appendix B) showing pipework requirements. Generally, the upstream pipe needs to be at least 10 times (x 10) the size of the pipes diameter while the downstream pipe needs to be 5 times (x 5) the pipe diameter from any bends. Above is a typical drawing of a 100mm meter installation showing this.

Moving a water meter?

Options and costs for relocating  a water meter on your property.

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Metering for stratas

Options for strata lots that need individual water meters for each property.

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