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Land developers can access our water, wastewater and drainage scheme planning to help you plan your development.

Scheme planning

Our scheme plans show areas of land planned for future water supply.

To access our scheme plans, please complete our land planning advice form and supply details of the locality that will identify the land parcel you are enquiring about, along with a plan of the area.

Request planning information

Changing endorsed scheme plans

Scheme plans may be changed to meet specific requirements of developers, provided the developer funds any additional scheme costs that will be incurred as a result of the change.

An amendment to an overall scheme to suit a developer will be considered provided that:

  • orderly extension of the scheme is not frustrated
  • costs to Water Corporation and the community are not increased
  • other land owners are not adversely impacted upon
  • all costs of the amendment are met by the developer
  • for frontal developments, Water Corporation has provided the headworks necessary for the development to proceed
  • for non-frontal developments, the developer may, subject to our concurrence:
    • pre-fund any headworks needed for the development to proceed
    • provide temporary works.

For developers wishing to seek our reconsideration of the planned delivery date of a Capital Investment Project (CIP), please utilise the CIP reschedule checklist.

More information

For further information please email or call (08) 9420 2099.