Come along on a sensory journey through Noongar boodja (Noongar country) to broaden your students' understanding and respect for Aboriginal culture through Aboriginal peoples' connection to land, water, languages and spirituality.

How it works

You can choose from either an in-class incursion or use one or, more of our exciting multimedia activities and plug-and-play teaching tools to provide a platform for students to learn about ancient Aboriginal knowledge and practices.

Children and adults playing in the water 

Whichever option you choose, our educational resources align with the West Australian curriculum objectives while satisfying Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture cross-curricular priorities.

Water in Aboriginal culture incursion

Our Aboriginal education officer teaches students about the strong connection Aboriginal people have to water and why. The 60,000 year old water management and conservation practices taught in this workshop will captivate students to learn about the difference they can make to our water future.

Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that some of the content below may contain images, voices or names of deceased persons in photographs, videos and audio recordings. 

Number of students: Max 30
Length: 45 mins

  • Techniques used by Noongar people to locate and transport water.
  • Noongar seasons and the importance they play in sustainable food and water practices.
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Walk with the Waugal 360 experience

Through our Waugal 360 website, your students can investigate 3 rich habitats across Perth with 12 points of interest to follow. In each scene, students will be captivated by videos, images, audio and text to develop their understanding of water in Aboriginal culture and the many cultural practices carried out using the flora and fauna of these environments.

Walk with the Waugal 360 website

Walk with the Waugal videos

Access a range of videos and corresponding lesson plans. Ready to be delivered through a range of platforms, students will be guided through an immersive journey by Noongar Elder Dr Noel Nannup to learn about the story of how the Waugal created our deep underground system and waterways. He will take your students to significant sites around Perth and explain their cultural importance to Aboriginal people and how they are sustainably managed today.

Length: Each video ranges from 1:50 mins - 6 mins

  • The cultural significance of the 6 bodies of water surrounding Perth.
  • Past and present cultural practices carried out at these locations.
  • How these sites are used today and how we sustainably manage them for the future.
Walk with the Waugal videos

Lesson plans

Our water in Aboriginal culture lesson plans provide an opportunity for all students to deepen their knowledge of Australia by engaging with the world’s oldest continuous living culture. Through the West Australian curriculum students will understand that contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are strong, resilient, rich and diverse.