We are excited to unveil a new immersive approach to learning where we transport students with audio led narratives using silent disco-like technology. This emotive journey provides a universal awareness students need to build a better water future.

Our experiences can empower our students to take action and become sustainability ambassadors! They will learn that we have finite resources and need to work together to preserve, restore and protect the uniqueness of our planet.

How it works

Students will explore, wonder and question through the power of audio to imaginatively engage with 3 interactive narratives. Each narrative takes place in its own ‘tent world’ to engage, motivate and inspire students on sustainability within your school’s curriculum.

The experience is scaleable and can be delivered in 1 or 2 pods with each pod catering for up to 45 students. The whole experience is delivered in 1 hour so will fit seamlessly into your class schedule.

We’ll bring all of the required materials and set up the pods, and walk you through the booking process to make your life as easy as possible.

Number of students: 35-90
Length: 1 hour

  • Understand the interconnectedness and dynamism of the world’s natural systems.
  • Understand the value in differing world views and diversity through exploring other peoples’ experiences.
  • Understand that sustainable practices are forged through respect, responsibility and understanding of the uniqueness of environments.
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