Household accounts

You can view your bill and payment history with an online account. When you register for an online account, you will also be able to see your past bills and payments.

Business accounts

You will only be able to see your bill and payment history from the date you registered for an online account.


Please note that if you add your residential property to your business account, you will only be able to see past payments, and your bill history before the date you registered won't show.


If you need a copy of your bills before your registered for an online account, please contact us.

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Need your bill info for tax time?

Do you own a rental property? You may be eligible to claim a tax deduction for your water rates (service charges) as an expense on your tax return. Visit the ATO website for details.

You can find your yearly water rates or the amount you've been charged for the current financial year so far with our property rates search tool.

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