If we have made any changes to a bill that has already been issued to you then you will receive an Advice of Adjustment notice. You do not need to pay an advice of adjustment. It is just for your information.

Example image of the back of a bill - showing charges adjustments

This can relate to:

  • Leak allowances
  • Land use – if a new house has been built or an old house has been demolished.
  • Classification – if a house has been converted into a doctor’s surgery
  • Service availability – if a sewer main has been extended and your property can now be connected to the main wastewater system.
  • We overcharged or undercharged you by mistake.
  • We have reversed charges on your account.
  • We have applied or removed a concession.

The Advice of Adjustment will let you know of any additional charges or credit adjustments as well as your new account balance.