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With your online account, you can view and choose your bill delivery method for your properties.

You can sign up to bill email (paperless billing) online. This means that you will get your future bills emailed to you, making it easier for you to keep track of all your bills.

Benefits of bill email


Paperless bills land straight in your inbox and can be paid with a simple click. Handling your billing electronically is super easy!

Helps the environment

It’s our job to look after a precious natural resource, so naturally, we’re big fans of paperless. It saves trees (and space on the fridge).

Easy to keep track

Access all your bills anytime, anywhere to view usage information, share and download.

SigN up to bill email

Existing BPAY View customers

If you currently receive your bills directly to your online banking through BPAY View, please be aware that signing up to bill email will stop your bills from being delivered to BPAY View. Additionally, your bill history will no longer be available in BPAY View.

Bill delivery options

The bill delivery options available for your business are listed below. Please log in to your online account and go to 'Manage billing' to choose how you receive your bills.

Bill email

Choose this option if you want a PDF copy of your bill attached to your email.

Bill downloads

If you choose this delivery method, we'll send you an email when there are new bills available to download in your online account. Your bills will be packaged into a zip file containing individual PDF copies. 

Please note: If you previously had My Water, this was known as ebill and was the default delivery method. 

Bill downloads + post

We'll send you email notifications when your bills are ready to download in your online account and mail paper copies to your postal address.

Please note: 'BPay View' and 'Bill downloads + batch mail' are no longer available. While you can keep these delivery methods, you are unable to switch to them.

Need to update your bill delivery method?

If you need to make changes to your bill delivery options, please log in to your online account and go to the 'Manage' tab, then select 'Manage billing' and scroll down to 'Property billing & charges details.'

Update bill delivery method


This is because the email address to which we send your bill download notifications may differ from the one for your bill emails. If you receive more than 5 bills, we'll send you an email notification when you have bills ready to download in your online account.

If you receive less than 5 bills, we'll send you individual emails with an attached PDF copy of your bill. 

These bill payment options are no longer available. You can keep them, but you can't switch to them.

All the bills for properties with ‘Bill downloads’ as the delivery method and managed by your business or agency will be included.

When you log in to your account, go to the 'Bills & payments' tab this where you can download the zipped files containing your bill PDFs. In the ‘Bill downloads’ section you can see the number of bills ready to download as well as the date the zip file was created. If you dismiss a panel by accident, you have 30 days from the time it was created to retrieve it. It will no longer be available after 30 days.