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If you have overpaid a water bill or if you have a credit on your account then you can request a refund using our request a refund form.

We need to know the following information when you apply for a refund:

  • Is your property going through settlement?
  • How you made your payment eg. BPAY, Australia Post, Direct debit, Credit card, Centrepay, Cheque or EFT.
  • Proof of payment if you paid using BPay or Australia Post. This is to make sure we refund the correct person. It can be a copy of your bank statement showing the payment or a BPAY confirmation receipt. If you have made multiple payments, we only need proof of 1.
  • Property details you require a refund for
  • Your reason for requesting a refund (e.g. overpayment, payment made to the wrong account)
You can add more than 1 refund request if needed.

Once you have submitted your request we will review and process it within 5 business days.

If you have any questions or need help to submit your form, please contact us.

Request a refund