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We’re simplifying your bill to make it easier to understand your fees and charges, and how much water you’ve used.

Why is the bill changing?

Feedback from customers was that the bill is confusing. We heard you. We’ve redesigned your bill to make fees and charges, as well as your water use, easier to understand.

What does this mean for me?

Your chosen payment method, bill delivery method, rates and charges will remain the same. It’s just the look of the bill that has changed. We’ll be rolling out the new bill design in the coming months, so expect to see it in your letterbox or inbox soon.

Have my charges changed?

While your new bill may look different, your charges haven't changed.

What changes can I expect?

Understand your water use better

We’ve redesigned the graph so it’s clearer to see how much water you have used compared to your last bill, and the same time last year. You can see how your water use compares to similar households by telling us a bit more about your home. Compare your Waterwise status here.

Understand your fees and charges better

You’ll see your current water use pricing tier in a new, easier to understand format on the front of the new bill (this will look different for business customers). For many years, we’ve used a tiered pricing system to encourage the careful use of water. The more water you use, the higher the price per kilolitre.

Your account starts in tier 1 (the lowest tier) at the beginning of your meter reading year (also known as your bill year). If you have jumped to tier 2 or 3 within your meter reading year, you will revert to tier 1 when your new meter reading year starts.

Find out more about how your charges are calculated:

Moving from a blue to a white background

We've listened to customer feedback that there isn't enough contrast between the blue background and the bill information. Additionally, the blue background used a lot of ink when printed. The new design is easier to read and saves ink.

Will this new bill design affect my accounting software?

We have successfully tested the improved bill design with several property managers and large businesses using barcode-based systems PropertyMe and Property Tree, and optical character recognition (OCR) based systems. There should be no impact to the way you process bills. If you’d like to test the new bill with your system so you can be ready for the changeover, download a sample of the new bill below. If you have any system-reading issues, let us know.

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