Caravan parks are generally billed at the commercial rate. Long-term residential caravan park bays and strata titled bays are charged at different rates. Caravan parks are able to declare bays as long term bays (LTB) to be charged at the residential rate provided they are used for residential purposes.

Water use charges

Water use is billed on a two-monthly basis. You can find your water use charges on the back of your bill.

Caravan parks are generally billed for their water use at a commercial rate. If a caravan park has declared long term bays, 150 kL per LTB will be charged at the lowest residential water use tier. Water used in excess of this amount is then charged at the higher commercial pricing tier.

Perth metro water use tiers

Water use (kL) Price per kL
0 - 150 kL (per LTB) $1.905
Over 150 kL (per LTB) $2.712

Regional water use tiers

Your water use tiers change depending on your location and the cost of supplying water to that area. To find out what step you are in please visit our water use charges explained page.

Steps 0 – 150kL Over 150kL
1 $1.905 $2.797
2 $1.905 $3.048
3 $1.905 $3.315
4 $1.905 $3.612
5 $1.905 $3.934
6 $1.905 $4.282
7 $1.905 $4.665
8 $1.905 $5.079
9 $1.905 $5.531
10 $1.905 $6.023
11 $1.905 $6.557
12 $1.905 $7.141
13 $1.905 $7.777
14 $1.905 $8.470
15 $1.905 $9.220

Service charges

Water service charge

The 2022/23 annual water service charge is $199.41 per long term bay (LTB). The balance of caravan bays are charged at the commercial water service charge rate based on the size of the water meter.

Sewerage service charge

The annual sewerage service charge is $351.66 per LTB. The balance of caravan bays are charged at the commercial rate based on the number of major fixtures or minimum sewerage service charge.  

Volume charges for sewerage also apply for discharge more than 75 kilolitres (kL) of wastewater. The 2022/23 charge is $4.041 per kL discharged.

Drainage service charge

Drainage charges only apply to properties in the Perth metropolitan region. They are calculated by multiplying the Gross Rental Value (GRV) of the caravan park by the current cents in the dollar drainage rate. The 2022/23 commercial rate is 0.369 cents for each dollar of GRV.

For strata-titled single caravan bays, the drainage charge (if applicable) is $39.04 per bay.

To declare bays as long-term please contact our Ratings Services team on 13 13 95 or email with the request.