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Some businesses are eligible for a discount on their rates and charges. If your business receives a discount, it will be listed on the front of your bill.

Bill image of discounts for businesses

How do I know if my business or organisation is eligible for a discount?

You may be eligible for a discount on your charges if you are one of the following:

  • non-government school, church or community facility
  • charitable organisation
  • local government
  • non-profit-homes for the aged.

Properties owned by these organisations leased to private tenants are not eligible for the discount.

To qualify for a discount, the entire property must be used exclusively for your use. If a portion of the land is leased, you are not eligible.

Discounts that may apply

The following discounts may apply depending on the business type (listed above).

Water use charges:

  • Regional customers pay the step 1 water use price 
  • There is no discount for metro customers

Sewer volume charges: 100% discount

Service charges:

  • Water service charges: 100% discount
  • Sewerage service charges
    • For all non-for-profit aged care and regional customers, the 1st major fixture is $310.42 and additional fixtures are $136.57 each.
    • All metro customers are charged $310.42 per fixture.
  • Drainage service charges: 100% discount

If you believe you are eligible for a discount, please send us an email to: