Your gross rental value (GRV) is the gross rental income that could reasonably be expected if you were to rent out the property. This figure is provided to us by Landgate Property Valuation Services

The calculation of the GRV for a residential property is based on many factors, including:

  • Location
  • Age and size of the property
  • Extra facilities (including carports or below ground pools)
  • Proximity to services (schools, public transport, shops etc.)

We use the GRV of your property to calculate your sewerage and metro drainage service charges.


Landgate is responsible for revaluing properties and also decides when to revaluate. All properties within a local government are revalued at the same time.

  • Properties in the metropolitan area are revalued every 3 years
  • Regional revaluations occur every 3 to 6 years depending on the local government

Assessments may happen sooner for properties with recent additions or improvements.

How is GRV determined for vacant land properties?

For residential vacant land and other specialised properties, the rateable value is based on:

  • 3% of the property's capital value, or
  • The amount the land and any buildings would reasonably receive if sold

Frequently asked questions

The use of the GRV to determine sewerage and drainage prices is prescribed by legislation.

Customers have the right to object to the valuation provided. Please visit Landgate’s website to read more about lodging an objection.