• Service charges include three charges for the service of water, sewerage and drainage.
  • Service charges are annual charges divided across your bills for the year.
  • You are only charged for services available to your property.

Service charges help cover the cost of providing clean and safe drinking water in Western Australia, taking away wastewater and disposing of it in a socially and environmentally friendly way, and removing stormwater through our drainage services.

Depending on the services available to your property, service charges can be made up of water, sewerage and drainage charges. Check the back of your bill to see which service charges apply to you. If you are a business customer please visit our commercial (non-residential) service charges page to find out more about your service charges.

Image of the back of a water bill - highlighting service charges

Service charges are separate from your water use charge. They are an annual charge, with the cost divided across your bills for the year. The amount you pay on each bill depends on the number of days within that billing period.

Billing periods

  • 1 July to 31 August: 62 days
  • 1 September to 31 October: 61 days
  • 1 November to 31 December: 61 days
  • 1 January to 28 February: 59 days (60 if leap year)
  • 1 March to 30 April: 61 days
  • 1 May to 30 June: 61 days

Water service charge

This is a fixed charge which contributes to the supply of clean drinking water through our water pipe network, which includes securing and maintaining water sources.

How is the water service charge calculated?

Properties in both metro and regional areas have a standard fixed charge for water service. It is a state-wide charge that also applies to vacant land properties. This charge is only payable where a Water Corporation water service is available to your property.

The water service charge is $264.35 for the 2019-20 financial year and is uniform throughout the State.

Financial year explained: a financial year begins on 1 July and ends on 30 June each year.

Sewerage service charge

This is an annual charge that covers the cost of safely removing, treating and discharging the water that your household uses, including your kitchen, laundry, bathroom and toilet (wastewater). It also covers the cost of maintaining the pipe network that transports wastewater. 

How is the sewerage charge calculated?

Your residential sewerage charge depends on where you live.

Perth metro residential 

Sewerage charges for Perth metro areas are based on the property's Gross Rental Value (GRV) multiplied by a rate in the dollar. The rate in the dollar changes as the GRV increases.

Sewerage charge in the metro area is calculated by:
GRV x rate in the dollar
First $20,500 of GRV is $0.04410
Over $20,500 of GRV is $0.03256
The minimum annual charge for sewerage is $439.10 for the 2019-20 financial year for properties with a low GRV.

For example, a property with a GRV of $10,000 would have a sewerage charge of:
$10,000 x $0.04410 = $441.00

A property with a GRV of $24,000 would have a sewerage charge of:
($20,500 x $0.04410) + ($3,500 x $0.03256) = $1,018.01

Regional residential

Sewerage charges for regional areas are based on the property's Gross Rental Value (GRV) multiplied by a rate in the dollar. In the country, each town has a different rate in the dollar as the cost of providing sewerage services to country locations varies.

You can find the sewerage charge that applies to you on the back of your bill. The minimum annual sewerage charge is $439.10 and the maximum charge is $1,198.78 for the for the 2019-20 financial year.

Drainage service charge

This charge helps cover the cost of removing excess storm water in the Perth metro areas where additional drainage is required.

Water Corporation main drains exist in addition to Local Government Authority infrastructure. They are there to provide extra support in preventing flooding and removing excess storm water.

How is the drainage charge calculated?

Residential drainage charges are based on the property’s gross rental value (GRV). Only properties in the Perth metro area in declared drainage catchments are charged for drainage. Regional properties do not get charged for drainage.

Your drainage charge is calculated by:
GRV x rate in the dollar ($0.00572 per dollar for residential properties)
The minimum annual charge for drainage is $123.79, for the 2019-20 financial year.

For example, a property with a rateable value of $25,000 would have a drainage service charge of:
$25,000 x $0.00572 = $143.00 

Limitations on service charges

We have a limitation system in place to ensure customers avoid sudden increases to service charges where circumstances at your property have changed. This usually happens when a property has been revalued as part of a general revaluation year.  A limitation of 10% plus the Consumer Price Index (CPI) applies to GRV related increases.*  You can see whether your account has been capped on the back of your bill.

*The limitation does not apply to properties where their GRV has increased due to an improvement in the property, such as the addition of a pool or renovations. In these instances the full cost is billed.