Medical Assist is available for customers who qualify for the Continence Aids Payment Scheme (CAPS) or who are on home dialysis that requires higher water use. Through Medical Assist, we offer up to a 30kL water allowance per household on every bill.

How it works for home dialysis customers

You do not need to apply. We receive a notification from WA Home Therapies when your home treatment begins. After we are notified, we automatically apply the allowance to your next bill.

How it works for CAPS customers

Eligible CAPS customers can apply for Medical Assist online. Once we approve your application, the allowance will be applied to your next bill. Before you apply, please make sure you read the eligibility criteria below so that you know if you qualify and have everything you need.

Eligibility criteria for CAPS customers

To be eligible to receive Medical Assist, you need to be on the Department of Human Services (DHS) CAPS. Please check you are on the DHS CAP Scheme before you apply.

Please provide a copy of the CAPS statement of payment when you apply so that we can apply the allowance to your account as soon as we approve your application. We accept scans or photos of the original copy.

How do I know if the allowance has been applied to my account?

When you receive your next bill, you will see the credit amount referenced as ‘Medical assist allowance’ on the back of your bill.

What if I am renting?

If you don’t receive the bill because it is sent to the property owner or managing agent, they will see the allowance on the back of the bill referenced as ‘Medical assist allowance’. If your arrangement is to pay for your water use, the credit may be passed on to you by the property owner or managing agent.

How to renew your Medical Assist allowance

If you already receive Medical Assist, you're required to renew your application every 12 months to ensure you continue to receive your allowance. We'll send you a letter when your Medical Assist is up for renewal.

Apply OR RENEW for Medical Assist

If you require more assistance please submit an online enquiry.

Frequently asked questions

The Continence Aids Payment Scheme (CAPS) is an Australian Government scheme that assists eligible people who have permanent and severe incontinence with some of the costs of continence related products.

Further information on CAPS and eligibility criteria is also available from the Australian Government website or the Continence Foundation of Australia.

Please visit the Medicare website or call Medicare on 132 011 and select Option 6 to obtain a CAPS application form. You will need to complete a CAPS application form, which includes a health report on your condition by an appropriate health professional, such as a medical practitioner or continence nurse advisor.

You can contact the National Continence Helpline on 1800 33 00 66 – this is a free helpline managed by the Continence Foundation of Australia on behalf of the Australian Government. Continence nurse advisors will be on hand to provide advice, free resources and contact details of local services. For more information about the Helpline visit the Continence Foundation of Australia website.

If you have a shared living arrangement where you do not directly receive a water use bill, you will not be eligible to apply for Medical Assist. Examples of a shared living arrangement includes nursing homes, assisted living and other residential aged care facilities.