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We’ll estimate your water use for a billing period if we can’t read your meter. This estimate is based on the average daily use recorded for your property in the same reading period in the previous year.

How can you tell if we estimate your water use?

Look at the meter read details on the back of your bill. Next to the current reading it will say 'estimated'.

Here's why we may estimate water use:

  • Access issues including locked gates, buried meters, or if it’s unsafe to enter your property
  • Issues that affect our operations team such as heat waves or travel restrictions
  • The meter is damaged, out of order or missing

If you think the estimate is higher or lower than your actual water use, you can:

1. Submit a meter reading

If your meter is working just fine, you can submit your own reading.

If the reading you submit is lower than our estimate, you’ll receive an Advice of Adjustment letting you know of your revised charges. The Advice of Adjustment is not a bill; it’s just a summary of your updated charges.

If your reading is higher than our estimate then the additional water use will be included in your next bill.


If your meter has been estimated 3 times in a row we will contact you to obtain a meter reading.

2. Dispute the meter reading

If your meter is damaged, out of order or missing, you won’t be able to take a reading. In this case, if you suspect the estimate is incorrect, please contact us.

If there’s a clear reason that would affect the accuracy of the estimate, we can review it.

Here are a few reasons why an estimate may not be accurate:

  • Recent installation of a bore
  • Property was vacant for a period
  • Property owner/occupier has changed
  • Removal or replacement of lawn, garden beds or paving
  • Installation or removal of a pool
  • Old leaks have been fixed

If you are disputing the estimate read on an operable and accessible meter, you can contact us to request a meter reading and issue a revised bill. Meter reading charges will apply.

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Frequently asked questions

To estimate your water use, we take your average daily water use from the same time in the previous year, and multiply it by the number of days in the current billing period.

However, a meter reading is always more accurate.

Yes, provided we’re able to get an actual reading when we next visit your property. If we underestimated your water use, we’ll charge the difference in your next bill. If we overestimated your use, we’ll provide a credit on your account.

If we can’t get a reading on our next visit, we’ll do another estimate.

After 3 estimates, we’ll contact you to obtain a meter reading.

Your bill could be higher or lower than what you’d be charged for an actual read. This is because the estimate is based on your water use for the same time in the previous year.

If your meter is functional, you can submit your own meter reading to ensure you’re charged for your actual water use.