We first installed smart water meters at homes and businesses in some metropolitan and regional areas across WA more than 10 years ago. We are currently rolling out an additional 16,000 smart meters as part of the Perth Smart Water Meter Pilot. 

Smart meters collect water use data in regular intervals and send the information back to us once a day. This allows you to monitor your water use through your online account and identify leaks sooner, and in areas where our meter readers can't access your meter, they provide us with remote readings. 

We have 2 smart meter networks with a variety of different smart meter technology. 

Our smart meter networks

Advanced Meter Infrastructure network

Most of our customers with smart meters will be part of the Advanced Meter Infrastructure or AMI network. This means your water use is collected in hourly intervals and available to view in your online account the following day. Please note that if you are in Kalgoorlie, Yanchep and parts of the North-West you won't have access to hourly data in your online account.

Automated Meter Reading network

You may have a smart meter installed if your meter is obstructed, preventing our meter readers from safely reading the meter. These meters are part of the Automated Meter Reading or AMR network. If you have a smart meter on the AMR network, these are only used to obtain a remote meter reading and you will not be able to access your hourly water use online. 

Smart meters give you the power to make smart decisions 

If you’re part of the AMI network and have access to your smart meter data in your online account, you’ll have access to information to empower you to make water saving changes and more.

Understand your water use 

Having access to regular water use data gives you an insight into your daily water use. This will help you understand your water use trends over time and identify ways to save water and lower your water bill. 

Hidden leaks become more visible 

Being familiar with your water use patterns means you can be on the lookout for spikes in water use that may be due to a leak. From a running toilet cistern to a burst pipe, water use insights can help you identify water loss sooner, saving you time and money.

Businesses can target key operations and improve efficiencies

By checking your smart meter data and considering the activities, equipment and operations that influence your water use, you can target specific daily, weekly or monthly activities and build new and efficient processes and procedures into your business operations.

Avoid surprises

Having access to your daily water use data means you can avoid surprises when you receive your bill. With smart meters you can see your water use in close to real time in your online account, which allows  you to track how much water you’re consuming and make changes accordingly. 

To find out where we are installing smart water meters as part of the Perth Smart Water Meter Pilot, please visit the pilot page.