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You can invite users to access your organisations or properties if you’ve registered for a business or property manager account. Additional users can help you manage bills and payments and keep track of your organisation’s water use. 

There are 2 account access levels available full access and water use access.

Access levels

Full Access

Full access allows the user to view and manage all billing, payment, and water usage information for an organisation or property. Users with full access can also manage billing preferences such as billing and charge information, add or hide properties, add or remove users and create property groups.

If you grant a user full access to an organisation, the user will be able to view and manage all of the properties associated with the organisation. 

Please note: When a full access user updates any of the organisation’s billing information or property billing preferences, we’ll notify you and other full access users via email.

Full access at a glance

Full access users can see and manage:

  • Current billing
  • Billing and payment history
  • Download billing data
  • Payments
  • Bill extensions
  • Direct debit
  • Water use alerts
  • Water use data
  • Trade waste permit information
  • Backflow device information
  • Users
  • Contact details
  • Billing and charges preferences
  • Property groups

Water use access

Water use access users can only see the water use and services information for an organisation or property. This level of access provides a water-use-focused view without billing and payment information. 

This access is recommended for operational or maintenance staff, sustainability managers, and those in your organisation who keep track of your water efficiency.

Need to change your access?

If you need to change your access level to full access to view and manage billing information, please contact a full access user in your organisation who can edit your access level.

Water use access at a glance

Water user access users can see and manage:

  • Water use data
  • Smart meter data (if your business has a smart meter)
  • Outage information
  • Trade waste permit summary
  • Backflow device summary
  • Property groups
  • Organisation and properties details (View only – cannot edit information)

Managing your users

Adding users can help you manage your bills, payments and water use more efficiently, and if circumstances change, you can edit their access or remove them from the account. Learn how to add, remove, or edit account users. 

Add users

Please log in to your online account, then go to the ‘Manage’ tab. From there, select ‘Manage users’. This is where you can add a user, manage their access and assign organisations or properties.

Please ensure that you have added your organisations and properties to your online account to give your users access to the properties they need to view and manage.

When you add a user with a Water Corporation online account, we'll email them to let them know you're providing them with access to your organisation or additional properties.

If you add a user who doesn't have a Water Corporation online account, we'll send them an email inviting them to register for an online account to access your organisation's properties. Their status in 'Manage users' will show as 'pending' until they accept the invitation and register.

Remove users

Please log in to your online account, then go to the ‘Manage’ tab. From there, select ‘Manage users’ this is where you can remove a user.

Edit users

When things change, you can edit a user’s access. In the ‘Manage users’ section, you’ll see all the users with access to your organisation or properties. Please select edit to change a user’s access and update the organisations or properties they can access. 

Please note: If a user is showing as pending, you won’t be able to edit their access until they’ve accepted the email invitation. This user can still be removed. 

User housekeeping

To keep your account organised and secure, please ensure you arrange for someone or a few people within your business to review your users regularly. This will ensure your users are up to date or removed if they’re no longer authorised to access your business’s account. 

Manage my users


This may be due to another user adding the user or the user creating an online account with an ERN for one of your properties. You should have received an email informing you of the new user. If you didn't get the email, please check your junk mail. You can remove the user if you believe they shouldn't have access to the account. We recommend, however, that you first speak with them or the user who granted them access.

If the user has access to their online account, they can change their email address by filling out the 'Update login details' form.

If the user is unable to log in for any reason, you can remove them and then re-add them using their new email address.

You cannot opt out of receiving these emails or other emails related to account information for your organisation because this is important account information.