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As a business customer, you might have several properties with multiple bills, payments, trade waste permits and more. Find out how your online account can help you stay on top of things.

Your online account at a glance

Below is an overview of what you can do and how to access what you need.

With your online account you can In more detail Where can I do this?
Stay up to date with your water use, bills and outages When you log in to your account, you'll see an overview of properties with alerts - including high water use, overdue bills, outages and estimated meter reads. Overview
Choose from four bill delivery options You can choose how you receive your bills:
  • Bill downloads
  • Bill email
  • Post
  • Bill downloads + post
Manage billing
Update your billing details and preferences Update and manage your billing information for your business online. You can also change each property's bill delivery method, service charge frequency and bill reference.

Manage, then select ‘Manage billing’

More about managing your billing

Keep track of multiple bills & payments

Access and download all your bills, including trade waste bills for your properties, in one place.

Bills & payments

Extend multiple bills When you need a little more time to pay you can set up multiple bill extensions in one go. Bill & payments
Access bill and payment history for all your properties Access your bill and payment history.

Bills & payments

Scroll down to the ‘Bill & payment history’ table

View your trade waste permits View all your trade waste permits and see service reminders for your grease arrestors.

Water supply & services 

Scroll down to ‘Trade waste permit summary.’

Grease arrestor servicing and backflow testing dates Keep track of your servicing and testing with information on service dates and overdue services.

Water supply & services

Scroll down to ‘ Your trade waste permits’ and ‘Backflow summary.’

Set up and cancel direct debits You can set up multiple direct debits in one go. And when things change, you can cancel multiple direct debits.

Bills & payments

More about direct debit
Track the water use for your properties

Track your properties' water consumption, see high water use alerts, and check the water use graphs to see if you're using more water.

Water use & services

Scroll down to ‘Water use for billing period.’

More about checking my water use

Add multiple users

Do you have sustainability or accounting staff who manage your business's accounts? You can add users to the online account to assist you with management. There are two levels of access available: full access and water use access.

Manager users

More about user access

Create and edit property groups If you have lots of properties, you can group them to make monitoring your payments and water use easier.

Manage groups

More about managing my groups

View water outages impacting your properties If a current or planned outage affects one of your properties, you will see an outage alert for that property. This will allow you to plan ahead of time and stay informed. Overview and Water use & services
Access your smart meter data If you have a smart meter or data logger, you can access your smart meter dashboard and water use data from your online account.

Water use & service

More about checking my water use

Business and industry case studies With our industry case studies, learning about water efficiency has never been easier. Learn how other businesses have used simple and innovative ways to save water.


Water use & services

Scroll down to the bottom

View all the properties you manage in one place Manage all your business's properties in your online account. You can add new properties or hide them if you don't need to manage them.


More about managing my properties

Log in to my online account

From My Water to your online account

Can I log in the same way?

Yes, your login and password remain the same.

What happens when I log in?

Things may look a little different when you first log in, but you'll have access to all your properties and accounts previously in My Water. The first thing you'll see is the 'Overview', which shows properties with alerts, such as overdue bills, upcoming and current outages, high water use and estimated meter reads.

Why can’t I see all my properties?

Please navigate to the 'Manage' tab to view all the properties in your online account. If properties are missing, select 'show properties' to add properties.

Will my bill settings and preferences remain the same?


Yes, they are the same. However, you can now update how you receive your bills in 'Manage billing'.

What happens to all my bill information?

All your bill and payment history is still available, and your billing preferences won't change. Go to the ‘Bill and payments’ tab to view and download all your current bills and your bill and payment history.

What happens to all my grouped properties?

Your groups remain the same, so you'll see your previous My Water groups. However, because your groups are now user-based, any changes you make will only apply to you. This enables you to group your properties as needed, making account management easier - learn more about managing your groups. 


The new bill data CSV file has a different field format from My Water.  However, all the fields in the My Water CSV file are still available, plus some additional fields, such as: 

  • Water use charges
  • Service charges
  • Bill Reference

No, you are no longer required to mark bills as paid. When you pay your bills, they will be automatically moved to the 'Bills & payments history' table.