If you’re a settlement agent, you can request all the information required for a property settlement through Landgate’s website. This is known as an Electronic Advice of Sale (EAS2).

An EAS2 includes Water Corporation certificate of charges, availability of water/sewer services (sewer plan) and a special meter reading application.

You can register to use EAS2 by completing our registration form. 

What are the fees?

When you submit a request to obtain information for a property settlement, the following Water Corporation charges apply:

  • Certificate of charges, availability of services, non-urgent meter reading and sewer plan: $32.11
  • Certificate of charges, availability of services, urgent meter reading and sewer plan: $44.62

Other relevant information?

After registering for an EAS2, here’s more of what you can access.

Updated certificate of charges

You can receive an updated certificate of charges including charges billed since your original request by using the re-enquire function in EAS2.

Final account balance

You can get an updated final account balance for the current 2-monthly billing period after a special meter reading has been completed by calling our Interactive Voice Response number (IVR) anytime on 1300 654 134 .

If you have used our IVR number to obtain an account balance prior to a meter reading, the current service charges will not be included in the account balance.

Calculate account balance

You can calculate the account balance for the property by using the ‘daily rate’ provided on the certificate of charges, or by using the re-enquire function in EAS2.

The re-inquire function will trigger service charges to be billed for that period irrespective of a meter read being completed – the value of those charges will be available immediately on the IVR .