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We’re the main supplier of water services in WA, with the exception of Bunbury and Busselton. If you plan on living in either of these towns, your water supply will be serviced by Aqwest or Busselton Water. Your agent or settlement agent will be able to confirm this for you.

Whether you rent or buy a home, here’s some helpful information to make your move easier:

Getting your first bill

Your bill is made up of 2 parts - water use and service charges (or rates).

We read your meter and issue a bill every 2 months. We’ll send the bill to you if you’re a property owner. How you get billed will depend on your rental agreement if you're renting. Learn more about your billing options as a tenant.

Find out more about your water bill

Did you know we have watering rosters in WA?

To encourage efficient watering, your property will have allocated watering days. You can water once on those days, either before 9am or after 6pm. You may be fined if your water outside of the roster.

Check your watering days

Where does our water come from?

Climate change has greatly affected where we get our water. Learn more about our different water sources and why it’s important for us all to use water wisely.