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About to move into or out of a rental? Here are some things to help make your transition a little easier.

Moving into a rental

If you are moving into a rental property, you don't need to let us know. Unlike other utilities, you need to contact them to connect to a service such as gas or electricity. Your water will already be connected, as we provide a continuous supply. It is up to the property manager or owner to inform us.

Tenant responsibilities

In most cases, tenants are responsible for paying water use charges, and the property owner is responsible for water service charges. However, this will depend on your agreement. Please check your payment responsibilities before moving in, so you know what you are being charged for. See tenant billing for more information on billing and payment responsibilities.

Your first bill

If you have arranged to receive your water use bills from us, your first bill should arrive within the first 2 months of moving in, and from there, it will be approximately on the same date every 2 months.

Concession card holders

If you had a concession card at your previous rental, you will need to submit a new application for your new rental. This is because your concession registered at one property does not come with you when you move.

Centrelink account holders

If you have a Centrelink account, you can use Centrepay to pay your water bills. You need to have tenant billing set up and pay your water bills directly to us.

Centrepay is a voluntary bill-paying service which is free for Centrelink customers. Use Centrepay to arrange regular deductions from your Centrelink payment.

You can start or change a deduction at any time. The easiest way to do it is through your Centrelink account online in myGov.

If you'd like us to set up your Centrepay deductions for you, call us on 1300 650 471.


Set up an online account

You'll need your unique Electronic Reference Number (ERN) to register for an online account. This number is included in your bill, so you’ll need to wait until you receive your first bill to register. Your unique ERN is located on the back of your bill.

Please note: If you don’t receive bills from us, you won’t be able to register for an online account.

Special Meter Read

Check that a special meter read (SMR) has been completed. An SMR is a meter reading that occurs outside the normal reading cycle. We suggest checking with the property manager or owner that a special meter read has been requested before your tenancy commences. However, as a new tenant, you can also request an SMR.

The SMR ensures the previous occupiers are charged for the water they used and provides a record of the change of tenancy. Please visit understanding your water use charges to learn how we charge you.

While there is a cost to get an SMR, it ensures that you are only billed for the water you've used. Learn more about SMRs and charges.

Your watering days

You are allocated 2 watering days a week. Your house or lot number and postcode determine your watering days. Check your watering days to find out when you can turn your irrigation on. Sticking to your watering days can save you thousands of litres of water.

Tip: If the property owner or manager has asked you to water the garden regularly, but you find your allocated 2 days of irrigation watering a week is just not enough, you can hand water with a hose. Visit our tips for hand watering page for more information.


We suggest you have a conversation with the property manager or owner about who is responsible for repairing and covering the cost of a leak. Include what to do when the owner is unavailable.

Water supply alerts

Sign up to receive SMS or email alerts if a water outage impacts the property. You will also receive tips about preparing for an outage, and we’ll let you know when your water is back on.

Moving out of a rental

Unless you are a concession card holder, you do not need to notify us that you have moved out of a rental. It is up to the property manager or owner to update us. There is no disconnection fee when you move out of the rental. However, if you have been paying for your water use, you will need to pay your final water use charges.

Concession card holders

You can cancel your concession online or let us know you're moving out so we can cancel the concession for you. Unfortunately, your concession discount doesn't carry over to your new property, so you'll need to reapply once you move into your new property.

Complete Special Meter Read

A special meter read is a meter reading that takes place outside the normal read cycle. Normally, the property manager or owner will request an SMR on your behalf when you are moving out. However, as a tenant, you can also request an SMR.

An SMR will ensure we have a record of the change of tenancy and that you only pay for the water you use for the time you occupy the property.

While there is a cost to get an SMR, it ensures you are only billed for the water you have used. Learn more about SMRs and charges.

Direct debit and payment arrangements

Make sure that you cancel your direct debit, Centrepay or any payment arrangements that are linked to the property.

Direct debit - can be cancelled via your online account or call us on 13 13 85

Centrepay - You can cancel your current Centrepay deduction via your Centrelink online account in MyGov. For instructions on how to do so, visit cancel a current Centrepay deduction on the Services Australia website.

Payment arrangement - If you have a payment arrangement set up, we will automatically cancel it by the day you vacate the rental. If you haven’t paid outstanding bills, you will need to discuss this with the property manager or owner. We will no longer be able to continue with the agreement without consent from the manager or owner.

Water supply alerts

Remember to unsubscribe from the service when moving out of the property. To unsubscribe, open one of your notifications and select unsubscribe. And don’t forget, you can always sign up when you move into your new property.