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On the move and not sure what to do about your water account? Whether it’s your home or business and you’re buying, selling or renting, we don’t disconnect the water services on a property when it changes hands. Instead, we update the account details to reflect the new owner.

Depending on your situation, here’s what happens.

I’m buying or selling a property

Your settlement agent will contact us directly to update the account for the relevant property once the sale has gone through.

If you’re doing your own settlement, there are number of things you need to do before we can change the account details for the property.

I purchased land to build

If you’re using a settlement agent, they’ll let us know you’re the new owner and the water account will be registered in your name. If you’re doing your own settlement, you’ll need to contact us to open your water account. Learn more about what to do when building a home.

I’m renting

If you’re moving in or out of a rental, your landlord or property manager will set up or close your account for you. They’ll get us to update the billing details and organise a meter reading to ensure you’re only charged for the water you have used.

Manage your account online

Leave the paper trail behind and get your bills emailed to you. Stay on top of your payments with direct debit options and avoid paying credit card fees.

After you receive your first bill you can register for an online account where you can:

If you’re a tenant and want to receive your water use bill directly from us, you’ll need to speak to your landlord or property manager to set up tenant billing before you can register for an online account.