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If your water supply is 'treat before use', it means that we cannot guarantee the quality of the water supplied to your property. The water may contain bacteria and other microorganisms that grow due to reduced disinfectant levels. The water requires additional treatment before it can be used for potable, or drinking, water purposes.

You must treat your water before using it for:

  • drinking water
  • cooking
  • food, beverage, and ice preparation
  • brushing teeth
  • showering and bathing
  • any other scenario that could result in someone swallowing or inhaling the water. 

We will include a reminder to treat your water before using it for drinking purposes on your bills.

Why can't you ensure my water is safe to drink?

When the water leaves the treatment plant, it is of drinking water quality. However, it may:

  • Travel a long distance to the property.
  • Remain in pipes longer than usual or our pipes are exposed to sunlight, leading them to heat up quickly. This may happen during periods of low demand.

Due to this we cannot guarantee:

  • There will be a suitable amount of disinfectant present.
  • That the microbiological water quality complies with the Australian Drinking Water Standards.

Do I have to treat my water for all uses?

We recommend only using treated water inside the home to minimise the risk of accidentally consuming the untreated water.

Your water may be used in situations where there is no risk of human consumption or inhalation. Examples of suitable uses include irrigation and stock watering.

How do I treat my water?

Before being used for potable purposes, you must treat your water by disinfecting it. Treatment advice is available from Department of Health