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If your property receives an untreated (raw) water supply, the water may be able to be treated to a potable standard by a home point of entry water treatment system. Unless treated, it must not be used for any of the following uses:

  • drinking water
  • cooking
  • food, beverage, and ice preparation
  • brushing teeth
  • showering and bathing
  • any other scenario that could result in someone swallowing or inhaling the water.

You may use the water in situations where there is no risk of human consumption or inhalation. This includes irrigation and stock watering.

We will include a reminder about your untreated water on your bills.

Why is my water untreated?

Your water has come from a water source that we actively use to supply drinking water. We treat the water at a location downstream of your property to ensure it meets the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. However, as you are located between the water source (like a dam or bore) and the water treatment plant your property receives untreated water. 

This water is provided as a supplementary water supply and is not intended to be your primary water supply. The water source is protected by legislation and our drinking water protection processes. The water may be able to be treated to a potable standard by a home point of entry water treatment system.

Can I treat my water?

It is important to understand that the required treatment may be complex. To help you understand the best option for treating your water, you should seek advice from the Department of Health or a water treatment supplier.

How can I access drinking water?

To access water for drinking purposes, you may wish to consider one of the following:

  • Install a rainwater tank to harvest rainwater at your property.
  • Install a point of entry water treatment system at your property. You should contact the Department of Health’s Environmental Health Directorate or a water treatment supplier for further advice before installing a point of entry treatment system.
  • Contact a water carting company to deliver water to your property.
  • Purchase water from a local potable water standpipe. Contact your local shire to see if there is a potable standpipe available.