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We read all meters regularly. However, if you need a reading outside the regular schedule for your properties, you can request this from us for a fee.

Every suburb in Perth and Mandurah has an allocated week day when our team can action additional meter reading requests. You can check this schedule in our special meter reading calendar.

Once your reading has been taken a certificate will be issued and sent to you.

Special meter reading

 We read the meter within 5 business days before or after of your requested read day for the suburb.

If the allocated read day for the suburb falls on a public holiday your meter reading may be delayed to the next available day we visit the suburb.

Urgent meter reading

If you need an urgent meter reading, we’ll endeavour to read the meter within 2 business days from the date you submit your request for an additional fee.

Specific date meter readings

If you need a specific reading date, we’ll endeavour to read your meter within 2 business days of your requested date for an additional fee.

View meter reading charges or request meter read