If you run a business that disposes trade waste, there are a number of things you need to know and do before you can get rid of it.

Trade waste, or industrial waste, is any wastewater discharged from your business other than waste from office facilities or staff amenities.

If you're disposing waste to the wastewater system, you need to ensure you have a trade waste permit because not all wastes are suitable for our system.


All businesses discharging trade waste to our sewerage system require a permit. We'll assess your application and explain further steps to ensure your trade waste is safely disposed.

Permits & charges

Find information about permits and our charging structure. Trade waste charges vary depending on your business activity type.

Approved pre-treatment products

Your trade waste permit determines if you need to pre-treat your waste to ensure it meets our requirements.

Retail food businesses

Find out about trade waste requirements for retail food businesses such as restaurants, cafes & lunch bars.