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Trade waste is any wastewater discharged from your business other than wastewater from office facilities or staff amenities. Trade waste is produced by a number of industries, including food handling and preparation such as cafes, care facilities and restaurants, vehicle or plant servicing, and other commercial and industrial businesses.

If you run a business that disposes trade waste, there are a number of things you need to know and do before this can occur. Not all trade waste is suitable for disposal into our wastewater sewer system and before you discharge, you need to ensure you have a trade waste permit.

For information about charges that may be applicable to your business, please visit our billing and charges page.

If you need to install a backflow prevention device, lodge a backflow test report, or search for a backflow smart tester, visit our backflow prevention page.

You can contact our Trade Waste team on 13 13 95 or email

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