Ensure you're disposing of your waste safety by applying for a permit here.

Trade waste acceptance criteria

Before applying for a permit, please read our acceptance criteria which explains the limitations on how your waste can be disposed to the wastewater system.

Application forms

To apply for approval to dispose your waste to the system, complete the form/s relevant to your operations:

Other forms

If your business operations fall under any of the following categories, you’ll also need to include the relevant form(s) below with your application.

What happens after you apply?

We'll contact you within 14 days of receiving your application. The permit will specify:

  • amount of trade waste that you're allowed to discharge
  • substances that can be discharged
  • type of pre-treatment required
  • any other conditions that may apply

If your property changes hands or the business is sold, the new owner/occupier will need to reapply for a trade waste permit.

Removing water from construction sites

If you're a builder or developer, you'll need to apply for a short term discharge permit. Before applying we recommend you use excess site water for other site activities, such as dust suppression, if permitted.