Think you might have a leak? You may be eligible to apply for a leak allowance.

Some leaks are more visible than others. If you suspect you have a hidden leak, get your plumbing checked and repaired by a licensed plumber. They can then apply for a leak allowance on your behalf. 

Read on to find out if you’re eligible and how to apply.

Plumbers and irrigators - ready to apply?

Are you a licensed plumber or waterwise garden irrigator and ready to apply for a leak allowance? Please complete the online application form on behalf of your customer.

What is a leak allowance?

If you have a hidden leak and get it repaired by a licensed plumber or waterwise garden irrigator, you may be able to receive an allowance of up to 50% of the estimated water lost. The allowance, however, does not cover the cost for any repair work or services.

A leak allowance will only be considered after you have your plumbing or irrigation repairs completed to the required industry standards.

Leak allowance eligibility

We consider each application on a case-by-case basis. To be eligible for a leak allowance, you must meet the following conditions:

  • The leak must be undetectable (not visible).
  • Internal pipework needs to be repaired or verified by a current licensed plumber, or for any irrigation repairs, a waterwise garden irrigator.
  • The licensed plumber must hold a current plumbing tradesperson's licence under the direction and control of a Licensed Plumbing Contractor, or contractor’s licence as issued by the Plumbers Licensing Board. For more information visit
  • The plumbing or irrigation repairs must be compliant with government regulations.
  • You must be occupying and/or maintaining the property.

A leak allowance won’t be granted for leaks and/or bursts that occur on internal or external taps, internal appliances, fixtures or fittings including dishwashers, hot water systems, toilet cisterns and valves.

Please note: A waterwise irrigator is not allowed to repair leaks, install manual isolation or backflow prevention devices on your internal plumbing.

Additional conditions for irrigation repairs

For any retic repairs, the irrigation system must (as a minimum) have:

  • A Watermark Certified manual isolation valve
  • A backflow prevention device complying with AS/NZS 3500.1
  • A master control solenoid installed to meet irrigation industry standards.

A waterwise garden irrigator can advise you if you have these on your property.

If there is no manual isolation valve and master solenoid installed, an allowance will only be assessed upon re-application, after the irrigation system is upgraded to the required plumbing standards and certified by a licensed plumber or waterwise garden irrigator.

The garden irrigator carrying out your repairs must be part of the Waterwise Garden Irrigator Program. You can find one located close to you with our search tool.

Once the waterwise garden irrigator has completed your repairs, they can submit the leak allowance application.

How to apply for a leak allowance

You will need to get a licensed plumber or waterwise garden irrigator to apply on your behalf once they have completed the repairs.

When your plumber repairs the leak, make sure they record the following information:

  • date of the repair
  • meter number
  • meter reading upon completion of the repairs
  • a description of the repair work completed

The quickest way to apply is for your plumber or irrigator to complete the online application form.

You can also download the paper-based leak allowance application form.

Apply now

Checking on the progress of your application

It’s best to contact your plumber or waterwise garden irrigator to check if they have submitted your application before contacting us. We will process your application within 15 business days and advise you of the outcome.

If you’re granted an allowance, the amount you receive will be credited to your account and appear on your next bill.