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Water pressure can vary from property to property, typically due to the topography of the land (hill and low lying areas) and the flow of water through the local pipe network. This is common in the Perth Hills and some regional areas.

Pressure varies between properties due to the:

  • Topography of the land - (hill and low lying areas) and how high the service reservoir or water tower is above your home. Properties at the top of a typically have a lower pressure than properties lower down.
  • Distance water has to travel - from the service reservoir or water tower to your home. As water flows through a pipe, the friction between the water and inside of the pipe reduces pressure.
  • Time of day - water pressure may be lower during peak periods (between 6am-9am and 6pm-9pm) when many households are using a lot of water. The higher volume of water travelling through the scheme creates more friction and reduces water pressure.

Under our Water Services Licence, we deliver water pressure within a standard range of 15 to 100 metres head (mH) in the metropolitan area, and 13 to 100mH in regional areas. Metres head is the measurement used to determine water pressure, which refers to the height (head) which water rises vertically in a pipe.

Requesting a pressure test

If you would like to know the exact pressure at your property for planning applications, we encourage you to contact a waterwise plumber or a licensed plumber to arrange a pressure test.

Sudden changes in water pressure

If you have noticed your water pressure has changed recently, complete this simple test.

Improving water efficiency in high pressure areas

Pressure management is one component of our network efficiency program. It aims to reduce the water pressure in high pressure areas to a standard level. Visit pressure management for network efficiency to see if you are in an area being investigated or pressure managed.

Non-standard water pressure

If you are a pressure exempt customer and receive water pressure outside our standard pressure range, visit our non-standard water pressure page. As this is a condition on your account, you will receive an annual letter reminding you about your non-standard water pressure.