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When your water is restored, you can start running your tap as usual. If you notice a loud sound when you first turn the tap on - this is nothing to worry about and can be caused by air trapped in your pipes during the works.

Before you use your hot water system, run your inside taps for a minute to remove any air that might be trapped in the pipes. Then it’s safe for you to turn your hot water system power supply on.

If you experience discoloured water

Please don't use any water appliances such as washing machine, dishwasher, sprinklers or machinery until you follow the steps below and your water runs clear:

  1. Run the front garden tap until the water runs clear
  2. Run any taps where you have experienced discoloured water until the water runs clear.

Tip: It’s also handy to catch some water in a light-coloured cup or container. If it’s clear, you can use your water. If it doesn’t clear in 5 minutes, wait 30 minutes and try again.

If you are still experiencing discoloured water after running your taps, please call us on 13 13 75.

For more information, read our help article on discoloured water.

Water pressure seems different

Sometimes your water pressure may be impacted following a water outage. If you think your water pressure has changed, you can carry out a simple water pressure test to see how many litres of water you’re receiving. The standard amount is 20 litres per minute.

My water smells and tastes different

If you’ve noticed your water doesn’t quite taste the same or is emitting an unpleasant odour, read our help article on taste and smell water issues to see what you can do.

Why was my water turned off for longer?

We always aim to restore your water as quickly as possible, but occasionally, your water may be off longer than expected.

Where possible, we’ll send you an update informing you of changes to timeframes, so can get on with your day and make plans accordingly.

Why was my property damaged?

We know that care and effort are put into maintaining verges and garden areas.

However, there are times when we may need to dig up verges and driveways to access and fix the water pipes beneath the ground.

We try our best to minimise damages during this process, but we know it can still result in damages to verges, driveways, lawns, sprinklers, and garden plants.

We’ll work with you to restore the impacted area back to its original condition.

When will it be fixed?

We may carry out a temporary repair if we can’t fully restore the area right away. This is to ensure we leave the site safe and functional. We’ll leave you a card with information about the final repairs, and who to contact if you have any questions. Read more about reinstatement works.

Please note: Timings for final repairs may vary depending on the contractor carrying out the repairs.

Help for businesses

If you have a Water Corporation relationship manager, please contact them about any concerns or questions.

If you require further assistance, please call us on 13 13 75.