We have created a helpful do’s and don'ts list for when using water outdoors:

You can…

  • Hand water your garden and lawn with a watering can or hand-held hose
  • Wash your car with a hose
  • Top up your swimming pool
  • Top up a pond or fountain
  • Test your irrigation for up to 2 minutes on your watering days.

You can’t…

  • Irrigate or use your sprinklers on your lawns and garden outside of your watering days
  • Hose your driveway
  • Use a high pressure hose or water cleaner
  • Use children's water slides that requires a hose connection outside of your watering roster.

Hand watering

You can use a watering can or hand-held hose (with 1 outlet) on any day of the week. We still recommend that you use your water outside before 9 am and after 6pm.

Using a hose without a nozzle is not an efficient way to water your garden as the soil can’t absorb lots of water in a short space of time.

You can attach a nozzle with many different settings to your hose to avoid wasting water. They can be bought at your nearest hardware store.

Using a watering can is more water efficient as you can target specific plants that need more water than others. It also helps to avoid over watering.

High pressure hose or water cleaner

You can only use a high pressure hose or water cleaner to:

  • Fight fires
  • Avoid a threat to public health or safety (such as a chemical spill)
  • Construct, demolish or repair buildings, paved areas and roads

Testing of your irrigation system

You can test your irrigation system, following black-outs, repairs or installation, please visit our testing your irrigation page to find out when you can perform testing and everything you need to know.