We run a free aquatic centre program to recognise your commitment to saving water together with the Leisure Institute of WA Aquatics (LIWA).

Program benefits 

  • Exclusive access to our waterwise logo to promote yourself as a waterwise centre
  • Free waterwise online training for the team at your centre
  • Access to data logging services on your meter to assist with water management and leak detection
  • Waterwise resources such as signage, stickers and posters to help you promote waterwise behaviours within your centre and community
  • Invitations to workshops, networking and industry events
  • Opportunities to show case your water saving initiatives through case studies on our website

How to become a Waterwise Aquatic Centre

All you need to get started is a Water Corporation account number (found on your bills) and be a current LIWA member.

You also need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Sign a commitment letter to participate in our program
  2. Review the water use history at your centre and complete a water management plan
  3. Complete an annual report to provide feedback on your centres' progress

Program tasks

  • Read meters (and any sub-meters) on a daily basis and record your water use to identify anomalies
  • Include leak detection as part of your daily meter reading inspections and report and repair any issues if observed
  • Display water saving materials such as posters and stickers around your centre to promote waterwise behaviours
  • Reduce shower head flow rates to a minimum of 9L/minute or less
  • Reduce hand basin tap flow rates to 4.5L/minute or less
  • Ensure your cleaners use a broom or a mop to clean the floors in your change-rooms
  • Complete your back washing based on pressure rather than timed back washing
  • Ensure your irrigation is compliant with watering rosters