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Key achievements
  • Installation of smart water fountains
  • Plant room upgrade reduced water and energy use
  • Introduction of a real-time dashboard to detect water leaks

At City of Wanneroo's Aquamotion we have two indoor pools, an outdoor splash playground and a 24/7 gym. In four years, we have seen visitation numbers almost triple - from 118,000 in 2019 to 351,000 in 2023. But a commitment to water conservation means there hasn’t been a corresponding increase in water use 


An upgrade to more water efficient shower change rooms and dry changing rooms for large groups has helped keep water use low. We upgraded sinks, shower and toilet fixtures and fittings to top-rated WELS products. Pool deck open air showers with tap timers were also introduced which led to much shorter showers.

Smart water fountains were introduced with sensors to cut water off once the bottle is removed but also counts the number of plastic water bottles saved by refilling bottles. The electronic counters visible to patrons show more than 40,000 plastic water bottles have been saved through refills.

Waterwise posters in the change rooms reminds patrons to keep shower to 4 minutes and use the toilets' half flush. 

A major upgrade of the plant room included a move to UV disinfection and chemical controllers. Our staff keep a close check to ensure filtration is adequate and chemical dosing is correct. These measures heavily reduced the need to backwash as often, saving valuable water.

Wanneroo Aquamotion waterwise pool
Wanneroo Aquamotion's commitment to water conservation has resulted in key water saving achievements.

What we're doing now

Upgrading the equipment in the plant room and change room facilities have helped the centre make considerable water savings. However, it’s our staff that will ensure that the facility continues to save water in the years to come.

Staff use a real-time web-based dashboard to track and monitor water usage. Sensors help our staff conduct proactive leak detection and allow us to repair or replace before major works are required. The motivated team take actions daily that adds up to big water savings over the year.

Plans are underway for the outdoor children's splash pad to be renewed and improved shade at the facility.