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  • How to help your lawn flourish all winter long
  • Why you should give your sprinklers a break
  • Waterwise products to help your lawn thrive

Having a luscious lawn ready when spring comes around doesn’t have to be hard work. By following a few easy tips, you can keep your lawn in tip-top shape.

Give your lawn some vitamin D

Unlike the harsh summer sun, in winter your lawn needs the sunlight and cool air to thrive.

If you have trees around your property make sure they’re pruned back where they might be shading your lawn. It’s also a good idea to rake often, picking up leaves and grass clippings that could be forming a layer between your lawn and the sun.

When the warmer weather starts again in spring, you can leave your clipping and leaves on the lawn, which will provide great nutrients.

Take a break from mowing

Most lawns go dormant in winter, which means they grow much slower than other months of the year. This means you don’t have to mow your lawn nearly as often. Keep an eye on your lawn’s height, and you might find that mowing around once a month is plenty.

Try not to let the grass get lower than 2.5cm to prevent weakening your lawn.

To fertilise, or not to fertilise?

Depending on the condition of your lawn, you might not need to fertilise during winter, especially if you’ve already prepared your garden by fertilising in autumn.

If you find your lawn does need a bit of extra help, you'll want to use a slow release fertiliser once or twice during the winter period. Look for a fertiliser with both potassium and iron to help your lawn stay strong and healthy. An easy way to find a good fertiliser is to check waterwise endorsed products from Smart Approved Watermark.

Double check you're switched off

Winter rainfall combined with lower evaporation rates means your garden doesn’t need irrigating during the cooler months.

From 1 June, all irrigation controllers in Perth, the South West and parts of the Great Southern regions need to be switched off or on snooze. Take a minute today to double check your sprinklers are taking their well-deserved winter break.

Phone a friend

If you are not exactly sure what your lawn needs, a waterwise garden centre, landscaper or garden designer will be able to provide you with the bespoke expert advice you need.