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  • Things you can do when using water outdoors
  • Simple things to avoid when using water outdoors
  • Can you use a high-pressure hose or cleaner?

Water is a precious resource. To help you preserve it, we have created a helpful list of things you can do, as well as things to avoid when using water outdoors.

Here are some thing you can do when using water outdoors:

  • Test your irrigation for up to 2 minutes on your watering days before 9am or after 6pm. You can test your irrigation system following black-outs, repairs or installation. Please visit our testing your irrigation page to find out when and how to test your irrigation system.
  • Check that your hose nozzle isn’t leaking. Buying a few hose washers at a time to have on hand can make it easier to repair nozzle leaks. Learn more about fixing and maintaining your garden hose.
  • Hand water your garden and lawn with a watering can or hand-held hose on any day of the week.
  • Wash your car with a hose. Waterwise tip: why not wash your car on your lawn so it can soak up all the precious water that would otherwise run on to the road.
  • Top up your swimming pool. Waterwise tip: to avoid an overflow, set a timer on your phone to remind you to turn off the hose.
  • Top up a pond or fountain. Waterwise tip: use a timer to avoid overflow

Boy smiling in a swimming pool

Things to avoid when using water outdoors:

  • Irrigating or using your sprinklers on your lawns and garden outside of your watering days. Find your watering days.
  • Using your hose to clean your driveway.
  • Using a high-pressure hose or water cleaner.
  • Using children's water slides that requires a hose connection outside of your watering roster.

High pressure hose or water cleaner

High-pressure hoses or water cleaners use a lot of water so they should only be used under special circumstances such as:

  • Fighting fires
  • Avoiding a threat to public health or safety (such as a chemical spill)
  • Constructing, demolishing or repairing buildings, paved areas and roads