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The iconic Goldfields and Agricultural Region Water Supply Scheme (GAWS) is our largest scheme, from Mundaring Weir in the Perth hills to Kalgoorlie. The region is supplied by water from the Mundaring Weir. 

Our plans to secure drinking water supplies

The Goldfields and Agricultural Region Water Supply Scheme (GAWS) consists of 9,601 kilometres of water mains and services more than 100,000 customers, farms, mines and other enterprises. The main conduit remains one of the longest freshwater pipelines in the world.

We carry out extensive condition assessment of the pipeline network each year, which informs our program to replace and refurbish sections of the pipeline. This program includes pump refurbishments, electrical, mechanical, welding and civil maintenance covering 3 different districts and also the Mundaring Weir and pump station.

Our focus is on maintaining this scheme and supporting the expected population growth in the region into the future. We will continue in the future to increase the efficiency of the GAWS system by:

  • Upgrading pump stations and assets to supply water more efficiently to the system
  • Doing preventative maintenance
  • Enhancing monitoring systems

Improving our wastewater services

Our existing wastewater systems with some upgrades will enable us to meet growth in the region. York wastewater treatment plant has been upgraded from 120kL/day to 200kL/day, with an increased woodlot. Northam wastewater treatment plant is also being upgraded.

Reducing water use

As water supplied per capita is still higher than desirable we have invested in water efficiency projects to better manage demand. This includes the installation of smart meters in Kalgoorlie-Boulder to help customers track their water use, and an extensive leak detection and repair program, which aims to save 1.09 billion litres of water.

Increasing water recycling

Currently around 53% of wastewater is recycled in Goldfields and Agricultural Region. Major activities include:

  • BHP industrial recycling scheme in Kambalda
  • Merredin public open space irrigation
  • Northam racecourse
  • Northam Senior High School
  • Public open space irrigation
  • Activation of projects to assist the Shires to comply with new DoH Recycled Water Guidelines in Mukinbudin, Kellerberrin, Wyalkatchem and Wundowie. These include the installation of chlorinators to be owned and operated by Water Corporation.

We're also upgrading the Northam Recycled Water Scheme. This involves replacing the open storage dam at Clarke Street with two 1ML storage tanks and a new chlorinator.